Black panther

“Shadows dripping in silver light cast from an illusive moon, stir, then magically still, leaving doubts adrift in the mind of the observer…Was there movement of shadow within shadow or only the illusion of such, like breath caught on a summer breeze ?

Sister of Artemis, and Guardian of the Gateway between the Known and the Unknown, you prowl the Night, bearing witness to the blackness that exists before the dawning of morning Light. Blazing eyes pierce the veil of darkness of Forgotten Realms, to bring Consciousness to the Unconscious.

To follow your sleek and silent form as it glides as a spectral mist through the night, is to face the deepest fears that prowl the jungles of the Human Mind.

When we learn to move as you move, through those overgrown and tangled vines, we come to understand that even in the darkest of journeys, the Illuminating Rays of Faith and Acknowledgement will provide us with the Light to guide us safely on the Other Side.”

Wolf’s moon

No, this isn’t another review of the movie – although it’s definitely on my list to watch. I want to talk about this gracious big cat that is a symbol for strength, prophecy and transformation.

I really do believe the black panther is my spirit animal. There are a lot of similarities between us. What does it mean when “the black panther” appears to you as a spirit guide or is near in your life ?


Black panthers are natural protectors and leaders

The black cats in my life have always considered themselves my guardian angels. My first cat that accompanied me through childhood was a black one, she was 18 when she passed away. Later Buffy became my black protector, she would have beaten you up whenever you came too close to me !

I remember the first time my boyfriend stayed over night, he got up with scars all over his face. You never know when their dark side takes over – especially when no one is watching !

Black panthers are the ultimate shapeshifters

Black panthers actually are leopards or jaguars with a genetic difference that gives them a black coat. Their authentic nature is hidden, you can only see slight color variations and spots when you are very close to the animal, so they are masters of disguise and are able to move through the dark without notice.

Black panthers encourage us to embrace our shadow side

Black panthers help us eliminate our fear of the dark and the unknown. They will guide us while we work through our fears. They urge us to expand our awareness and to become a “whole” new person. They tell you that you are safe while making this transition.

Black panthers enjoy solitude

Black panthers are born loners and will tend to connect to other solitary souls. They often move in and out of someone’s life, just to assist for a brief period of time. Panther people rarely reveal too much about themselves. They know when to be silent or rather let their actions speak.

Black panthers are symbol for strength and willpower

People tend to have an adoration for these animals because of their fierceness and strength. The black panther will show agression when it is cornered and won’t shy away from a fight if necessary.

If you have the black panther as your totem, you are likely to be brave, always prepared to go the extra mile and focused on getting what you want !

Black panther is curious and awakens our inner passions or our slumbering talents. The black panther urges us to reclaim our power, especially after a period of pain and suffering.

Black panthers are symbol of the feminine, sensitivity and sexuality

Black panthers often appear to women, they ask them to stand their own ground and use their natural given powers properly. This includes embracing all of who you are ! If you were victim of harassement or rape, the black panther will offer assistance in getting rid of feelings such as shame, blame and guilt.

Black panthers have prophetic qualities

Black panthers are very sensitive to energy and are extremely intuitive. They are able to read another’s energy and to even influence the thoughts and actions of others. They clearly see your motives and your intentions, making people think Black panther people can look in the future. Because of their understanding of people’s actions and motives, you better be honest with them, as they see through all the lies you tell ! They easily spot fake people.

Black panthers often struggle to find their own identity

They might feel as a stranger in a strange land. Absolutely not of this world ! Their direct approach can seem very threatening to others and they often catch attention undeliberately ! You will eighter love a panther or totally dislike them !


When the spirit of the black panther is fully empowered within us they teach others that there is nothing in the darkness to be feared and that you can use the light to shine away all darkness !

Phuro! Be inspired!