The way “out” is “in” !

“The door leading out of this illusion opens up through the light of your soul.”

See the material world as it truly is : a mirror of your inner world, a representation of all your beliefs.

The source of your perceptions is found within. The cause of your experiences lies at your own core. You build your world from the inside out !

Shut the door to your five senses to reach the stillness of your heart ! Silence the thoughts that leave you with an emotional hangover, causing turmoil in your body ! Let them come and go like the water tides… don’t attach to them !

Without any condition put on this moment, without any judgment towards any other being, you open up to the wisdom of the heart at the speed of light !


Phuro! Be inspired!


Be a balanced bouncer !

When you were born, you were born “clean”, with a clear slate. But then people began “steering and molding” you. You were learned what was appropriate and what was not, what was “bad” and what was “good”, people taught you how to behave ! The conditionning had begun.

Then people began putting all kinds of “spells and curses” upon you : “You are a good for nothing type !”, “You can’t do that you dummy, people will laugh at you !”, “Why can’t you behave ?”

Even your girlfriend who says : “You’ll never find someone like me again, ever !”, without noticing it herself, is cursing you too !


Once this curse is placed in your unconscious mind, and repeated with time, it gets a life of its own : it turns into a belief that blocks you from further growth and you are completely unaware of its source !

Are you still wondering why on earth things are not working out for you ? Why your life is running on auto mode ? Well you became a good spell caster yourself : a black magician !

You believed all the stories from the past and you became fearful, you started stating all kind of untruthful things to yourself : “I am not this, I have not that, I should not do this,…” “Poor me !”

You looked for happiness outside of yourself or you tried to get it in acquiring all kinds of stuff. You searched for love in your partner, you searched for recognition at work,…

Are you judging others or are you constantly critizing people, putting names on things,…? Are you still feeling ashamed or guilty for what happened a long time ago ? Quit doing penance your whole life !

When you’re about to enter a club at night, you make sure you don’t do anything that pisses off the bouncer, don’t you ? And once you’re in, you behave, so you wouldn’t be thrown out immediately. Right ?

Are you in or out of your club of creation ? Who is staying in your head uninvited ? Who is running around making a lot of turmoil ? Who’s spoiling all the fun ? What is turning the positive vibe in a creepy atmosphere ? What triggers you for a fight ?

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Take a break ! Stop ! You need to create a guard, a watchman at the gate, some kind of governor who can take over the command when there is riot in your head. Someone who can restore the balance and act from a higher place.

As the creator of your life you have the power to decide who or what you give entrance to in your life…You decide : You are the bouncer !

You are strong and able to protect yourself. You can say no to the hooligans from your past ! You can skip the dance with the demons in your mind ! You can stop flirting with the devil and bounce all these nasty bitches off !

Let the kind thoughts enter, the loving ones that give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Invite the joyful thoughts in and dance with them all night !

Be there with the strong ones, the courageous and adventurous ones, who gave up judgements and trials long ago, who don’t have to hide or prove anything to anyone !

Remember you are the bouncer : you can get bounced off or you can bounce back. Be a balanced bouncer : set bounderies for yourself and choose wisely !


Phuro! Be inspired!








Groove is in the heart

In 1978 I got my first record player, I was 6 years old ! A cousin gave me a couple of albums he didn’t use anymore, my first collection was born ! A whole new world opened to me and I felt excited !

I loved putting my ears next to the speakers and feel the beat of the records vibrating through my whole body, bass to the max of course !

Yes kids, back then we could literally destroy an album and play it crazy, some to the extend that there were deep grooves in them and the needle could barely get over these ditches !


Can you barely get over an obstacle, are you unable to move forward in life, unable to solve your problems ? Do you have the feeling that nothing really ever works out for you ?

You have caused a nasty groove in your record ! Yes, you !

Are you stuck in sentences as : I can’t do it…It is useless…I am a failure… Are these the thoughts that you are repeating all over again to yourself ?

These are not exactly creating the kind of melody you were longing for isn’t ? Your habitual negative thoughts and beliefs can destroy the song you want to sing and make you lose the joy of dancing to life. You will just sink further into the hole that you have been creating for yourself.

Your subconsious mind is very powerful, but it is a powerstation without direction. It needs the right commands from your conscious mind to be able to create what you want in life !

You really have to impress it with the right mental images, you have to impregnate it with good feelings so it can give you the offspring you truly desire !

Let the desires that are in harmony with your heart cause a melodious groove in your life’s album. Let them overtake the negativity present in your life.

Each time you tend to your negative patterns, stop yourself in the process. Overrule them by stating : I am working with divine mind, I choose love, I choose happiness, I choose joy !

Let the groove come out of your heart and claim back your happiness right now !

Put the needle on the record and nail it !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Stop limiting the unlimited !

See the material world truly as it is : a mirror of your inner world, a representation of all your beliefs. Understand that the source of your abundance, of everything you want, is within.

If you want change you have to ask yourself : “Am I ready to do a deep cleansing and live the life I really want to live?” Hard to believe ? I am not wondered, we are bombarded by negative news all the time. We are programmed for it ! Turn on the television : all they show us is the crises we’re in or the threats we are facing ! You see people losing houses and jobs, but you also see all these rich accumalating more and more. You are repelled by them because you see there are still people starving to death, and people working around the clock just to get by, you see people counting their days untill their retirement to finally do what they wanna do.

And you think time is not on your side eighter, maybe you are worrying about your next paycheck, you wonder when it’s finally going to get better… The odds are certainly against you ! Maybe you feel you are wasting your time, or that your time for change has come to an end… TIME : another illusion that often keeps you trapped in the past and in the future.

I hated when my parents were discussing, I hated when my father and grandfather had words. All they ever talked about was money. During the last fight I had about money I suddenly remembered myself saying as a child : “Better not having money, it keeps my loved ones fighting constantly and I hate fighting so I hate money !” Bang ! There was the son of a bitch, a deep ingrained belief that popped up in my consciousness ! It struck me like lightning ! This had me trapped all the time ! How could I possible attract more abundance when I always kept it at a distance, fearing it and even hating it ! This time I had a chance to face it and replace it with a positive belief instead !



“The past has no power over the present moment.” Eckhart Tolle

Know you have limited the unlimited whenever you belief in lack and say to yourself  : “No more of that ! I give up old beliefs from this day ! I shed what I inheritated from my parents, friends, coworkers, etc…

You are creating your reality, right now. With each thought you think and all the feelings you feel. You are not who you were yesterday, a year ago or 10 years ago. You are constantly changing and evolving. Do not let your past define your happiness in your present or prevent you from experiencing joy in the future. NOW is the only time available, in this very moment your possibilities are limitless ! All that is needed is you making a deliberate choise to think, feel and move towards what you want !

Phuro! Be inspired!