Be a balanced bouncer !

When you were born, you were born “clean”, with a clear slate. But then people began “steering and molding” you. You were learned what was appropriate and what was not, what was “bad” and what was “good”, people taught you how to behave ! The conditionning had begun. Then people began putting all kinds of “spells and curses” upon you : “You are a good … Lees verder Be a balanced bouncer !

Stop limiting the unlimited !

See the material world truly as it is : a mirror of your inner world, a representation of all your beliefs. Understand that the source of your abundance, of everything you want, is within. If you want change you have to ask yourself : “Am I ready to do a deep cleansing and live the life I really want to live?” Hard to believe ? I am not … Lees verder Stop limiting the unlimited !