Pillars of light

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.”

Bruce Lee

In the center of town you often see these beautifully decorated lanterns, their glow seems to attract all kinds of people at night. From romantics and lovers to drunk and lost onces.

There are also human pillars of light. They guide and support those who feel lost and they illumine the dark.

These Beings consciously and continiously pour out love on this planet. No outside force is ever able to dim their light.

They reach out a hand to humanity and invite all of us to step into our power.

They see and speak at soul level which requires no speech at all.



They acknowledge the beauty and uniqueness in eachother’s differences and recognize the oneness in it all.

Allthough these beacons of light love people, diving into social life can be very frightening and challenging at first.

Light draws attention in the dark. Many people notice this, they are curious and like to stick around.. Some however have bad intentions and will try to suck this brightness away…

To be a beacon of a light you have to learn how to use energy properly. You need to put a protective shield around yourself and keep your energy bright and clear, free from impostors !

To be a beacon of light you need to restore the faith in your own healing powers and the magic of your Beingness !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Let go, let God

“Growth is only letting go of the concepts of lack and limitation or, on the positive side, going within and seeing this unlimited being that we are and choosing to remain as such.”

Lester Levenson

A lot of people are anxious to let go of their attachements and suppressed emotions. They wonder what will be left of them once they have released these things.

“Will I lose my identity ? Will I be unrecognisable to myself ? Will I get senseless ? Will I become unable to experience the wonders of life ? They again fear…the unknown.

It is a remembrance however. The thousands years of ignorance made us all fall in deep sleep and amnesia. We completely forgot who we are.

All the identities you created in order to properly function in this world aren’t who you truly are. You believe that they are you, but they are just holding a veil in front of the real you. You are feeling restless because you drove far off from your own beingness.

Trying to get rid of your negativity and problems is struggling with them and sustaining them. The only way you can get rid off them is by not holding on to them.

You still hold the mental image in mind of the things you don’t want instead of what you desire. You are still thinking in terms of limitation and bounderies.


Let go of what keeps you trapped in a vicious negative cycle, strip off layer by layer until all the weight and illusions are gone.

What is left when you strip off all these impostors is your Beingness and it has more to offer than all the things you are so desperately trying to sustain or cling on to.

You will gradually see glimpses of who you are, what you came here to do and where you came from. As you remember who you are, you exponentially grow.

True feelings will arise again because they will come from source, straight from the heart, where judgement is non existent and only truth is seen and experienced.

In order to let go of what troubles us, we don’t necessarely have to dig deep in our subconscious. We would only involve our thinking too much, leaving us doubting more and even creating more drama in our life.

Letting go is easy and simple but it can look hard because of all our past habits. Just let go and let God restore everything to perfection. Return to the stillness of your being and surrender to that higher power.

You are an infinite being able to accomplish anything ! Just don’t mind the mind and the mind won’t need minding !


Phuro! Be inspired!