Find your king-pin !

“I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways : THINKING, SPEAKING AND ACTING. I am UNMOVED by appearances, therefore appearances MOVE.”

Florence Scovel Shinn

Everyone who is into metaphysics surely knows the works of Florence Scovel Shinn. She has written several books, her most known one is “The game of life and how to play it”

An important thing I remember about her work is that she talked about finding your king-pin, the thought which is your great oppressor, the thought which is blocking you from moving forward in life.

In the logging camps in the Spring, the logs are sent down the rivers in great numbers. Sometimes the logs become crossed and cause a jam. The men look for the log causing the jam (they call it the king-pin), straighten it, and the logs rush down the river again.

Just as with the logs that can get stuck by this king-pin, our natural flow of energy can be blocked, emotional debris are piled up due to our habitual negative thinking. This includes all our doubts, our fears, our worries…

Are you experiencing an impasse in your life ? You have done everything you can to make something work, but you are standing still, there seems to be no movement at all !

What is your logjam in your mind where you can’t get over ? What is preventing you from finding your happiness right now ?

It’s difficult to find the cause by just thinking about it, our ego will often get in the way and may bring up things that aren’t truthful, maybe you’ll start overthinking, which will only result in more worry and doubt !

The easist way to detect your king-pin is to release the emotion accompagnying the problem. My favorite way of tracing these trapped emotions is with Dr. Nelson’s emotion code. (If you would like to read the book, have access to the chart and the questions you can contact me on to receive a free pdf version)


I suggest you teach yourself some basic muscle testing skills as this is necessary to detect these emotions. The more you practise the more confident you will become ! A body magnet is also a very useful tool to fully release the emotions !

You can experience headaches or other physical discomfort afterwards but these are just signs that your body is flushing away the negativity. This is only temporary and a good indication that your body is releasing these stored emotions.

Most of the times when I do a release on myself, the oppressive thought, or the cause of the blockage will just pop up in my head after a while. Then I am conscious of what has been blocking me all this time. A feeling of “AHA” is usually what follows !

If we would use this technique regularly to let go of the stuff we have been accumulating, we would find ourselves being more healthy, more energetic and even more succesful and wealthy.

Dear empaths, dear lovers of life, this life can be tough, for some it is a struggle to survive in this materialistic word. Know that you don’t need to be spiritual and poor. Abundance is here for all. You have to find your king-pin blocking your abundance !

As Florence wrote : “Most people consider life to be a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game. It is a game, however, which cannot be played succesfully without knowledge of spiritual law. All power is given to men (through right thinking) to bring his heaven upon his earth and this is the goal of the game of life. The simple rules are fearless faith, nonresistance and love !”


Phuro! Be inspired!




Up in smoke !

“Thoughts are spiritual energies. They embody a power; a power which humanity today is barely aware of. A thought born of love can inspire a person to lay down his life for another. A thought spawned from hatred can drive him to kill another. Beware of every evil thought!”

Bruno Gröning

Life is colorless for a lot of people. Black. Dark. Clouded at day and clouded at night. Demons suck them dry. Dark thoughts are constantly passing by…

It isn’t always easy to spot those people or to see through their fake smile. The darkness can hide very well and is not easily caught with the eyes…

Fighting darkness is fighting against a jail we created ourselves, a jail without doors. We keep the jail alive by projecting dark thoughts on it.

It is a never ending battle. When we are in struggle mode we condemn and complain. We blame and judge ourselves and others. We are reactive and opposing so resentment, anger and despair is all that follows.


The flame fades inside, our core goes up in smoke once we have taken on the devil’s token. We completely forgot how to recharge ourselves so we burn up, we burn out…Then there’s complete meltdown !

When we continue to put energy in darkness, we stay hypnotised and triggered by the force of the jail.

If we would stop our negative thinking the walls would crumble down. The idea of being in prison would completely disappear. The moment we give up the struggle we are completely free of it !

For the souleaters to leave we have to nourish ourselves with positivity again.

Herb Ritts_10

If we want to break free from enslavement, we have to let go of the idea of the jail. If we want to be free from disease, we have to let go of the thought of disease. If we want to be free from all the turbulence in our life,  we need to think peace….

We can create a fresh outlook for ourselves and discover real life ! We only need to accept our true power, our real sovereignty !

Love is more powerful than anything on earth. Nothing else can ever reinstall a person’s worth.

So step up Higher and be still and let all be perfected in Divine Will.

Phuro! Be inspired!