A mind at ease

You don’t have to investigate your thoughts in depth to fix your problems ! That would lead to too much overthinking, getting you quite fixed and spending too much time on the problem instead of the solution !

If you can catch how you are feeling about the problem and let go on the spot, the core belief will begin to fall apart on its own ! When you let go of the emotional load accompanying the problem, when you clear your body of that weight, ease it off that pain you cut off a cord between you and the problem.


Days after an emotional release you can have a remembrance of a situation, person or belief that was behind your pain and that you are now able to consciously deal with !

The stone is removed and the balloon can pop up to the surface. Ready to be consciously recognized and released instead of being stored as dis-ease in your body. Your mind will be back at ease !

Phuro! Be inspired!