Passionate beings

I love the music of Armin Van Buuren, a world famous DJ who happens to live in my neighbouring country The Netherlands. I like his trance just as much as the more commercial stuff and his remixes of old school classics.

Now you have to believe me when I say I am an excellent people spotter…No hiding for me ! Whether with or without make up or with or without masquerades : I will always expose you !

It doesn’t matter if we have met already several times or just once…I will recognize you…Even if we were to meet each other ten years from now, I would still remember who you are.

Sometimes showing me a photograph is enough…I’m hypersensitive and an image thinker…no further explanations necessary ­čÖé


Armin recently posted a vlog where he went back to his roots. He was visiting the small village in the Netherlands he grew up in. I was thinking “if he would walk by me and greet me today, I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him ! He’s just a normal, average looking human being…like you and me…

But once you put that man in front of thousands of people he suddenly metamorphoses in another entity, someone who enjoys doing what he is doing, someone who shares his passion with the world.

I am often struck by his genuine smile on stage and the way he motivates people to join the fun, sometimes even sharing tears with the crowd aswell…

In his authentic expression, he spreads a contagious and inspiring energy that radiates through all the people present.


Another example : Oscar Colombie (Oscar and the Wolf). What an appearance on stage ! He admits he is a rather shy boy but whenever he’s on stage “something” takes over, a higher version of himself. Once he’s performing he is able to sweep his insecurities away and to hypnotize an whole audience !

Whoever you pass by on the street today, it could be a young person or an older one, looking average, down to earth…An unshaved man wearing a slobby sweater, a girl without make up showing her raw beauty…

Know that passion and genuineness can be burried deep within, behind their mask.

Just as with you. You might think you are just an average man or woman with an average life, while you just failed to see the genius in you or forgot how to access it…

What are you passionate about ? Music, art, science, writing, sports, a certain cause,…Find your passion and follow it !!!

This fire is within you for a reason : to inspire you to become a bigger version of yourself and to inspire others to do the same !

Phuro! Be inspired!


In flow

“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.”

Jack Canfield

There are certain places where ideas literally seem to flow into you. Perhaps in the shower, or a special spot in your garden. Perhaps somewhere close to the sea or another place in nature.

Sometimes inspiration can come out of nowhere, sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it is huge, as a zip file that needs unpacking !

You urge yourself to sit down in front of your computer or you quickly grab your pen and a piece of paper, impatient to put into words what’s in your head !

You are excited to paint the image you have on your mind !

Perhaps you run to your garage cause you finally saw how your project needed to be adjusted !

You start writing very fast because you don’t want to miss anything that is in that head of yours. You are in a state of trance ! (Reminds me of ASOT)

At a certain moment, when you have finished your writings, you look at your paper, you can barely decipher your own writings anymore ! It’s a complete mess !

Little by little, bit by bit you start adjusting, putting order in the chaos. Untill finally your piece is finished. Voilà !

You ask yourself : “How did I do that ?” You completely lost track of time, you completely forgot your surroundings.

You realize you got lost in the creative process.

You were passionately involved with what you were doing.

And you just let it happen.

You were in flow.

God strikes his golden brush where sun and water meet.

Your actions are worth gold when inspired by the heart !

Phuro! Be inspired!