How can I make you comprehend something that is a big part of my life, something that is bigger than me and that is not all about me but all about us ?

How can a white-non-indian-woman-wearing-high-heels  explain a materialization of the Divine to a non-spiritual-down-to-earth-european-person ?


I don’t know what struck me most when I first saw a picture of Babaji circulating the internet : His facial expressions reminded me so much of myself as a child ! Whenever I saw a picture of Babaji I felt I was drawn to a childlike state again, a time my communication with the Divine was still open !

Or could it be the comfort his message brought in time of need ? I couldn’t ignore the message he was spreading, not only for myself but for everyone included !


His message became my daily prayer and I was able to integrate more of his teachings in my life. No I have never seen Haidakhan, I never met Babaji personally in my life and I never had the chance to be  blessed by his bodily presence. But if you are honest you know the love in your heart is the biggest prove of Babaji presence. And that is what he asked me to do. “Prove it”

“I told you I was here”

It was during a regression therapy session that it all went a little bit deeper !  At a certain moment, after releasing a lot of emotional debris I was able to enter the heart zone, the sacred place within, where I could find  what I needed to comfort my inner child. That is where he first spoke to me ! Just a playful :”I told you I would be here !”

I was blown away at that moment, and I couldn’t describe the feeling it gave me : a very vivid sense of clarity and peace came over me ! The challenges came later : the willingness to surrender to His fire of purification by shedding all the old, the hard lessons I still needed to learn, the birth of a “new me” and the birth of a project called “Phuro”, completely in Babaji’s spirit and enfueled by his Love.

Babaji told us  we can share His message of truth, love, simplicity in all that we do. Each can fulfill his specific task. For me it is  in empowering other children and adults, in lifting pieces of the veil, teaching people to take back conscious control over their lives and reclaim their divine right of Love, Wisdom and Truth !


We can do our work in dedication to the Lord from every place on earth. Even if our traditions and customs aren’t the same, His message, translated and spread out by and through a pure heart is all that is needed !

Yes Babaji is there in the testing and the teasing ! He is present in every repetitive lesson I refuse to listnen to and that sometimes makes me feel like I have been beaten  up ! He was there in every “Got ya !” “Saw that” “Can’t hide” or in every “Are you serious ?”, “Not later, NOW”, “Stop wining!” and “Get up !”

Babaji is in every blessing of my heart, in every prayer. Whenever I express gratitude from my heart towards any other being. Babaji is present when I encompass my Love to all ! He appears whenever I am free of judgment towards myself, any other devotee or being ! He is there when my actions serve a greater purpose than my own egotistical needs !

12 APRIL 1980
“If you are at peace, I am in peace. If you are troubled, I am troubled. If you have problems, I have problems.
There will always be hills and mountains to overcome on the way to God. Do not be disturbed by the mountain falling down. It is the duty of the mountain to fall down and it is the duty of the soldiers to move the mountain ! You should seek harmony in everything that you do. I am harmony. Thank you for your love !


Phuro! Be inspired!




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