Leave the mirror & change your face

“Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror.”


If it is your desire to have what you want, to be abundant, you have to see yourself as a millionaire, you have to be one, not become one ! If we stay focused on “becoming” someone or something, we will keep ourselves trapped in the idea of abundance, health, change in the future… Pushing it away from ourselves, keeping it at a distance ! The desire is the start to develop our vision in further detail in our imagination, but we have to take the other step and internalize the feeling of being healthy or abundant, that means feeling healthy or abundant NOW.

Creation is infinite and finished. That means all possibilities exist in the here and now. You can’t create you reality, you select yourself what comes to you. You simply have to allign your state of being with the thing that you want. If it is richness you want, you have to erase all feelings of lack, of poverty out of your consciousness and focus on the richness in life now. Even if in your environment there is nothing that affirms your vision, hold on to it and hold on to the feeling !

Only state of being matters or better said : “only state of being materializes”. Therefor keep your thoughts and emotions vibrating high so you can easily access what you want ! You have to start imposing your vision on your current reality.

Neville Goddard said : “Change the concept of yourself, your state of being to start creating the version you wish to experience. You are always creating, consciously or unconsciously whether you like it or not. Missing the mark is you using your power unconsciously. This is the real sin in the world. Your desire becomes a fact when you are  assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, that means not only mentally thinking OF it, looking AT it, but thinking FROM it, feeling immerzed in it ! That means ignoring what you see in the outer world and be focused consciously on your ideal, on what you wish to experience. You have to allow it in your world and firmly believe it although nothing in your world supports you in it. You see things as you are, remember that !

Give yourself, give your imagination enough reasons why you deserve to have it and then own it, claim it to be yours. Start thinking about the things you would be doing and what feeling it would give you !


Let us reverse engineer the thing you want : let’s say you want to build a succesful business ! What is your vision ? How would your life be if you had all those things ? Could you envision yourself in that movie ? That would be awesome, would it ?

Now this is your vision, your dream. It’s good to know that this is your detailed vision of the future version of yourself, but if you stop here, your dream will always stay a dream ! Why ? Because it misses another necessary element ! You have to drop the desire entirely now and become what you want to be NOW ! How ? Believe that you already are the person that you want to be, that you already have the thing you desire. “Believing it” is to “be it” and “live it” ! Nail it firmly and claim it ! It is that simple !

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined state and a “real” one. What we project on our imagination and feel as already happening in the now, starts attracting the things we want in life !

What are you projecting consciously or unconsciously on the movie of your mind, in what kind of state are you normally in during the day : in sleep mode or completely awake, conscious of your thoughts, emotions and actions ? Are you off track or in full attraction mode ?

Bring the feeling of accomplishment IN the now. Start visualizing how life would be AFTER the accomplishment of your dream. Bring the future version of yourself in the past !! Who did you meet, where did you go, what did you see yourself doing ? Which version of yourself did you give to the world ? See the accomplishment already in the past, meaning it is done ! Focus on events that took place after your big accomplishment. Do this every morning and every evening when you are still in a fuzzy mode, before completely waking up and starting your day or the moment you feel you are going to fall asleep.

Be sure to remind yourself of the desired state during the day. How do you do that ? See how you are feeling at the moment ! Are you still focused on your goal ? Focused on what brings you excitement, joy, happiness ? Happy because you feel energized, alive, you feel the richness in life and every one is going to remind you of that today, all day and for the rest of your life ! Or are there still rests of your old self lingering around, old stuff where you put your attention on ? Die to the old self, and build a complete new version, it is possible, anything is possible !

The power of imagination makes us infinite. Phuro! Be inspired!

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A mind at ease

You don’t have to investigate your thoughts in depth to fix your problems ! That would lead to too much overthinking, getting you quite fixed and spending too much time on the problem instead of the solution !

If you can catch how you are feeling about the problem and let go on the spot, the core belief will begin to fall apart on its own ! When you let go of the emotional load accompanying the problem, when you clear your body of that weight, ease it off that pain you cut off a cord between you and the problem.


Days after an emotional release you can have a remembrance of a situation, person or belief that was behind your pain and that you are now able to consciously deal with !

The stone is removed and the balloon can pop up to the surface. Ready to be consciously recognized and released instead of being stored as dis-ease in your body. Your mind will be back at ease !

Phuro! Be inspired!


The darkest night of the soul

“There is always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark.”


Imagine you were trying to escape a stressful situation, you don’t have to look that far, every day life is already full of challenges of any kind. Preparing the kids for school in the morning, driving to work moving slower than most pedestrians, while constantly looking at your watch, feeling anxious, you probably won’t arrive at your meeting in time…There you are ! That’s probably enough stress to start your day with !

Most of us have been told to get rid off or to remove ourselves from stressful persons, events and places. That can work perfectly, sometimes, but all that you are trying to escape from most of the times is yourself…

Once you’ve removed yourself from a bad work environment or a bad relationship, you find yourself attracting another bad partner or evil colleague again !

It looks like you are constantly pushing a repeat button ! Pulling you into drama, drama, more drama, again more drama ! You feel tiredness creeping over you and you feel lost, you don’t necessarily feel depressed but you simply don’t know how much more you can cope untill complete nervous breakdown !

You start questioning yourself, your life, your work and relationships. Am I going nuts ? It is really that bad, isn’t it ? You become alienated from your true nature and at the very same time you feel that this world isn’t your home eighter ! You feel like wanting to unplug yourself completely, wipe out everything that has ever been downloaded in your system !

Your body is just slowing down, so you can remove the bad programs, the memories and attachments of life that don’t bring you anything at all but preventing you to go “faster” in life. Your body is asking to press the pauze button so  you can change direction, to “recalibrate” yourself . Your body is asking  help in choosing the right programs and downloads, what feels good for  you ! Your body is waiting for you to stop resisting, to give up the fight !

This world, your outer circumstances, is like a mirror. If you want change don’t wait for it to just “pop up” one day ! Change yourself first, the world  has nothing to give to you, it only shows what you are giving yourself, what you are allowing “in”. So what are the beliefs that you keep close but that are closing doors towards your dreams, what are the beliefs keeping your dreams at distance ? What negative program is still active but running in the background ? It can be a secret file hidden behind the walls of your heart.

Your subconscious often hides painful memories, it stores these as trapped emotions in your body, mostly at the location where the body is in pain. If you can’t seem to get access to certain core beliefs, your subconscious could have created a wall around your heart and it is very creative in doing this ! It can be made of any material you can imagine and relate to : concrete, rock, fire or wood ! I remember seeing mine as a giant skyscraper of entangled woods and holly plants, in medieval times they were used to avoid any entrance to the castle !

So shedding the old junk can be painful, your ego cries out loud, it is holding firmly to its old beliefs as its most priceful possessions. You doubt to press the delete button, afraid you will totally lose all data forever…The fact is that deep down inside of you, you know the old has to be burned to ashes. If you can look at your darkest night of the soul as a thorough cleansing process, necessary for personal growth, you will gain confidence in the ability to rise above it !

It’s not that after the experience of the darkest night of the soul you won’t have “dark” moments again, but you will be able to shine your light on it, meaning you are more conscious of it. Knowing these need not to be stored, nor hidden, they only need to be transformed by you !

Give yourself the liberating experience of deliberate choise !

Phuro! Be inspired!






Are you growing flowers or weeds ?

Do you often wake up feeling bored, not knowing what to do, or feeling drained, because you know what awaits is another shitty day at the office ?

Or do you want to give up your goals and dreams ? You are tired of the struggle for love, money or success ! You ask yourself : ”What’s the point ?’ “Nothing ever works out for me !” You feel there is nothing left for you. You are on survival mode. Ready to throw in the towel !

I know you are in a vicious cycle and you have to get out if you ever want to feel at ease, relaxed or energized again ! I know you are not taking conscious control over your life because you simply feel bad ! You feel bad about yourself, you feel bad about others, you feel bad about your circumstances !

You can take back control ! All you have to do is understand how your conscious and subconscious mind can work as a team to get you what you want !

The subconscious is the mechanism through which thought impulses which are repeated regularly with feeling and emotion are quickened, charged and changed into their physical equivalent.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful. See it as a giant processor and storehouse of all your thoughts and emotions. We have about forty to sixty thousand thoughts a day. Most of them are unconscious and according to scientists 65 % of them are negative and disempowering.

Scientists also believe that our subconscious mind is active 95% of the time. So the thoughts, beliefs, emotions you consciously choose are only at work 5% of the time !!

Your subconscious mind is like fertile soil which accepts any seed you plant within it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds which are being constantly sown within, and they produce in your life what is planted just as surely as corn kernels produce corn.

Taking control over your life is choosing to increase your conscious positive thoughts and emotions, choosing to repeat them again and again so they can be planted in your giant subconscious mind and be thrown back to you as the thing you want in life !

You may voluntarily plant in your subconscious mind any plan, thought or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical counterpart, and that counterpart will manifest itself for you. Creative, prolific and ever-ready to serve you. Yet so few of us understand how to use its powerstation.

When you feel life is against you, you have planted in your garden a lot of weeds instead of flowers. Weed out the unwanted stuff ! Start talking positive to yourself each day and increase your good feeling thoughts ! Make it a habit of spending time daily on projecting thoughts and images of what you want on your subconscious mind. Instead of being numb to life and to continue life as a living dead.

Persist in this and one day you will wake up and see a beautiful garden !

Remember, the conscious mind is the gardener. It is our responsibility to be aware of and choose wisely what reaches the inner garden. But unfortunately for most of us our role as gardener has never been explained to us. And in misunderstanding our role, we have allowed seeds of all types, both good and bad, to enter our inner garden. This then is the cause of all that is happening in our life. If you wish to understand why fortune or misfortune is happening to you in any area of your life, you need only look within.

Phuro! Be inspired!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

“People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look including inside ourselves.”

Salma Hayek

When you are feeling unhappy, insecure, ugly or stupid, tell me… When was the last time you saw beauty in this world ? When was the last time you genuinely smiled at someone or gave someone a compliment ? When was the last time you enjoyed a night sky ? When was the last time you were amazed by this magnificent universe ? When were you in awe for the last time ? When did you lose your joie-de-vivre, your modjo ? Who were you giving that power to ?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a matter of perception. It is a conscious choise ! You are giving more importance to the illusions that seem to steal your happiness away, you are creating all kinds of armor and defense mechanisms within yourself that disable you to open your heart completely to the being that you are.

You tell yourself : “Maybe one day I’ll be happy but…”, or : “I am not this because…” Why not “I feel so fucking good when…!!!!, I feel so fucking great because…!!!!” When did you stop telling nice things to yourself ? That you matter, that you are worthy of your happiness ? That you really are amazing ? Did you feel uncomfortable reading this ?

You are a beautiful, amazing, joyful being !

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, I know you are not ready to receive your happiness yet, or that which you desire so much !

Your selftalk should be positive, and positive feelings should follow your statements ! If you are not feeling good, you should examine your negative mindset first. What is your negative belief about the situation ? What is holding you back ? What is standing between you and your dreams ? Be conscious of your resisting thoughts and then discard them immediately, root them out and replace them with your preferred positive selftalk !

In the morning before you start your daily activities state that you will only see, feel, hear, taste, enjoy beautiful things that day. Learn to shift your focus from the things you dislike to the things you like, make a deliberate choise so that you can start attracting more beauty in your life. Like attracts like. Smile and the mirror smiles back, it is that simple !

Find out what your trapped emotions are and let go of the worries, pain and fear to make room for that which you truly are. Trust that you are a powerful creator and already have that which you are looking for !

Stop the search ! All that is required is a leap of faith ! The biggest obstacle is that you have to go beyond your five senses and your imagined identities & conditions and never deviate ! Only see beauty ! Whenever you offer the vibrational alignment of that which you desire, you are working in accordance with the universal law and everything shall be yours. What are you waiting for ?

Phuro! Be inspired!