Here’s to Love !

Saturday morning I woke up very early, I decided to go through my reader and started reading several blogs. During one particular read, I couldn’t contain my tears anymore ! Not that it was such a sad story, on the contrary ! It was a story expressing hope, it was a letter from a soldier returning home soon to his family.

As an empath I am often drawn into these stories, often feeling very vividly what others go through as if I were present myself…But this time these were more than tears of compassion, It felt as a huge release of war related symptoms and syndroms.

Individually and collectively all these feelings and beliefs inherent to war are still present in our consciousness : division, seperation, loss of loved ones, sadness, insecurity, fear, anxiety, anger, hate and resentment, destruction and death…

There are still several active war zones worldwide. To this day millions are still threatened by the effects of war. Innocent people still die on a daily basis due to conflicts.

And even if your city isn’t bombarded, you are bombarded by bad news, you are daily informed where all these riots, fights, wars are happening on the globe. Even if you haven’t experienced war in your life or haven’t been involved in one up close, you were or are in some way still affected by it !

War is deeply ingrained in our memory, we still carry the fears of our ancestors with us, all these events are stored in our collective consciousness.

Maybe your grandfather passed down stories from WW2 directly to you, maybe the only thing you have is a picture of him because he didn’t make it alive…

Perhaps your brother or your friend is still overseas to fight, maybe you were seriously injured yourself and are now confronted with a war on a completely different level.

There’s this mess in your head and in addition numerous feelings you can’t cope with since your return. You are traumatized and unrecognisable to yourself, family and friends.

I still live in the city that was almost completely destroyed in WWI, I still live in the house in which basement my father and his family had to hide during WW2, It takes only a one hour drive to see the many graves of the fallen ones in Flanders Fields.


I’ve always loved poppies when I was young but when I grew up they lost part of their beauty and innocence, they reminded me more of the blood being shed and the atrocity war has brought us.

May the poppies not only be a symbol of remembrance of the death but may they represent the millions refusing to put their energy in thoughts of seperation, division and suppression.

May they be a symbol of hope and renewal, a symbol for people standing up together in love and peace, may they be a symbol for those who realised humanity is the balancing factor able to put an end to this continual dual swing of ours.

May the poppies be transformed to millions of lights and represent a species that isn’t in war anymore with itself, a species that can rise to the next level and restore the balance and peace that is truly needed.

Our fight is over ! Here’s to Love, here’s to Light !

I hope you enjoy the songs of Jasper Steverlinck, a Belgian Flemish singer/songwriter and guitarist from the band Arid. “Here”s to Love” and “That’s not how dreams are made” are two precious songs from his new album “Night Prayer”. (More info and link to social media :





Celebrating a new earth

The first of may is celebrated in a lot of countries as “workers’ day” or “labour day”… Here it is a holiday aswell, and for me personally it is a very exceptional day because 14 years ago my son was born !

I can still see it in my mind as if it happened yesterday. The gyne was already present when I entered the hospital that saturday morning. And I wasn’t the only woman desiring to give birth that day, I believe 4 other women were in line and in labour aswell !

The gyne was on a mission ! Well he clearly spoke the words and claimed “I’m gonna get them all out today !” Being in labour, it wasn’t all as easy as I had imagened it ! After examining me the gyne again proclaimed : “you got yourself a stargazer !”

“Excuse me ? A what ?” “Your baby hasn’t turned properly lady, his head is facing upwards, he’s looking at the stars ! He will need some help getting out…”

“Please, just get him out as fast as you can !” My thought processes were on hold, my body became exhausted ! But one hour and a half before midnight, after a few push and pulls…Bingo ! My star was born !

The labour pains were quickly forgotten when I could hold my long expected baby in my arms. I felt truly blessed.


Blessed by Saint Germain, May 1st is also known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. Every year on this holy day, Saint Germain directs his Legions of Violet Fire Angels to bless the Earth with the Violet Flame for a 24-hour period.

It carries a profound message to all lightworkers aswell : Never give up ! Don’t quit what you came here to do ! Hold on and continue your divine mission. Keep moving !

Don’t be discouraged, don’t be impatient. The seeds have been planted and soon you will experience the birth of a new earth, you will reap the rewards of your work and efforts, all the labour pains preceding this birth will be forgotten. The result will sweep your tears away, your pain will vanish !

It isn’t always that easy to keep going amidst this chaos, but we need to PUSH through it. We need to process and transmute what arises to the surface. It has to be cleared out of our consciousness.

Keep transmuting and transforming this energy and soon you will not only see the new world but be a participator and a co-creator in it.

It is truly time to celebrate !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Saint Germain Violet fire invocation :

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow.

Saint Germain and your Legions of Violet Fire Angels, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze this Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory, and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of God’s Infinite Light.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that the Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this Sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth.

And so it is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.”











Shatter the silence

A few years ago a woman told me her distressing story. It all happened when she was very young. She said that she took the boat to England with her father and her uncle. But it wasn’t just an overseas trip full of fun and pleasure; for the little girl it turned into a nightmare as she was raped by both her uncle and her father on board of that ship.

She was told that if she would cry or tell anyone “something” would happen to her or that she would simply be thrown overboard…


She had suppressed these horrific facts, she couldn’t even remember that the events took place…Until she experienced mental and physical problems in her twenties and she decided to go into regression therapy. There it all became clear what happened and what was really the cause of her problems.

A colleague of mine told me how she went to school one day when she was 12 and was molested by a group of youngster from her school. She made it to school, completely in tears and barely dressed…the woman is now in her fifties and could tell the story as if it happened yesterday…

A friend of mine told me how she fell of her bike one day while she was in the park with her mother…An older boy managed to get her out of view of her mother, told her he had some candies to comfort her so she followed him…well I don’t have to tell the result eighter…

And yes sadly enough me too, you can read my personal experience here !


I wish all these stories were just fictional ones, but sadly enough they aren’t and they still happen in real life all around the world…rape and murder of innocent children !

Luckily the metoo campaign worldwide brought some change or at least some attention to this deeply rooted problem of sexually harassing people, whether they are male or female !

But then there were these people complaining about all these things that the metoo campaign had taken away from them : no flower girls anymore at the end of a cycling competition, no babes surrounding the F1 cars anymore !

If you would have treated women respectfully and just celebrated their beauty as it should there wouldn’t be a problem. But you reaped what you sowed and now you have to face the consequences of regarding women as meat, exploiting their bodies just to satisfy your darkest desires…


Have you ever considered the consequences molestation has on people, especially children ? They face a life time struggle…

What those people lost due to abuse : they lost their trust in people, their belief in the good of men, they often lost their zest for life and are traumatized for life !

The next victim of abuse could be your daughter or your son, your sister or your brother…Just ask anyone you meet if they have been victim of abuse, you will be surprised of their answers….

Think about that the next time you are enjoying your porn !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Peek-a-boo !

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Children are amazed


Children cut off seriousness 



Children connect with others



Children embrace each moment 



Children play



Children are teachers of love



Children fully ACCEPT who they are !

Phuro! Be inspired!




Our house…

Our house stands in the middle of a street, in the middle of a T-junction, so we are also facing another street. The excellent overview on our neighbourhood comes with pros and cons !

Energetically speaking there’s a concentrated flow of chi pointing directly at the house…Yes we are aware of its challenge !

But I am used to weird things. Strangers asking me bizarre questions, people telling me their life story out of the blue…My colleagues often made fun of me. “Why are you always attracting all these people ? What is wrong with you ?”

Need help to move some furniture ? Got something stuck in the kitchen ? Problems with your car ? Your horses broke loose ? An emergency with animals or children ? One place to go : house n° 17, they can fix anything !

Even the stray cats are standing in line with their foodbowls…


On a sunday morning my boyfriend was fixing our camera on our front door, I was just observing his work and passing him the needed equipment for the repair.

It was still quiet outside. Then all of a sudden we saw a young couple running towards us from the street across ours.

They were barely dressed. She was wearing a bathrobe and slippers, he was running barefoot, only wearing his boxers. They were screaming for help !

“He’s going to get us, please help us, let us in !”

They just ran into our house and we immediately closed the door ! The man was injured and had a open wound on his right eyebrow. I ran into the bathroom to gather some stuff to clean it .

While we were waiting for the police, they explained that the girl’s jealous ex-husband had managed to intrude their property. He was able to attack them while they were still asleep. They were both in shock !

I can clearly imagine that waking up being boot kicked in the face – Conor McGregor style – mustn’t have been pleasant at all….

I can tell you a lot of weird stories like this. There’s always something happening around our house. Sometimes life goes smoothly in our surroundings, sometimes it’s just plain madness !

Phuro! Be inspired!

Masters in manipulation…

I admit my cats are spoiled ! They are treated like royalty and are given the best high quality food you can imagine, cutting my budget seriously when you know I have seven exigent pieces running in the house…

Not to mention the horrible moment I run out of food on sunday and that I’m obliged to buy a cheap product in the local foodstore which they literally hate and despise !


It starts the moment I want to refill their foodbowl or when they spot the box or bag of food I am carrying. “Oh nooo…Not that filthy taste again !!”

Then they all plot together : Gibbs, the leader of the mission (I shouldn’t have watched that much NCIS) is once again ruling and giving orders : “Keep going guys, keep asking her the good stuff, come on ! Keep interrogating her until she succumbs, she has to ! Semper Fi !”


They all have different manners to beg for food. Louise tries to hypnotize me, statue like, only her eyes move with every move I make…Modjo makes watching television or reading subtitles impossible !

James makes any of my actions futile  : He tries to make me stumble or jumps on my shoulders…He claims the computer or starts grooming himself in front of or on any device I urgently need…


Bolleke quietly begs for food while Lulu makes a penetrating noise as if I have been ignoring her for weeks.


Sweetheart and Gibbs are the firestarters ! They feel so frustrated when their needs aren’t properly met that they start bullying each other, hissing and howling, chasing each other, causing havoc in the house.

Stalking, staring, yowling, ambushing, swatting and preventing acces to several places…All methods are legit !

They made their point and I am defeated. In the end they always get their way. They know how weak I am when it comes to cats…


I also feed a stray cat (one who has been abandoned by her family) and she is very clever too, she notices the difference in food aswell.

Two weeks ago a cat had been hit by a car in our street. The driver didn’t stop and several cars had to avoid the dead body on the road.


It was a beautiful grey long haired cat, like the one in the picture above. We decided to move the body to a save place. The closest spot possible was our neighbour’s front garden.

No one in our neighbourhood knew who the owners were, so a few days later – the body was already covered with snow  – I decided to bury her in my garden, just in front of my angel statues. I felt relieved because I gave the animal a proper funeral. I felt “she” could finally rest in peace !

I went to my front door a couple of minutes later to feed our regular stray cat, only to find a new stranger standing in front of me, all dirty and hungry….


Well, here we go again…I guess I’m registered as human servant in the spirit world of cats…

Phuro! Be inspired!

Passionate beings

I love the music of Armin Van Buuren, a world famous DJ who happens to live in my neighbouring country The Netherlands. I like his trance just as much as the more commercial stuff and his remixes of old school classics.

Now you have to believe me when I say I am an excellent people spotter…No hiding for me ! Whether with or without make up or with or without masquerades : I will always expose you !

It doesn’t matter if we have met already several times or just once…I will recognize you…Even if we were to meet each other ten years from now, I would still remember who you are.

Sometimes showing me a photograph is enough…I’m hypersensitive and an image thinker…no further explanations necessary 🙂


Armin recently posted a vlog where he went back to his roots. He was visiting the small village in the Netherlands he grew up in. I was thinking “if he would walk by me and greet me today, I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him ! He’s just a normal, average looking human being…like you and me…

But once you put that man in front of thousands of people he suddenly metamorphoses in another entity, someone who enjoys doing what he is doing, someone who shares his passion with the world.

I am often struck by his genuine smile on stage and the way he motivates people to join the fun, sometimes even sharing tears with the crowd aswell…

In his authentic expression, he spreads a contagious and inspiring energy that radiates through all the people present.


Another example : Oscar Colombie (Oscar and the Wolf). What an appearance on stage ! He admits he is a rather shy boy but whenever he’s on stage “something” takes over, a higher version of himself. Once he’s performing he is able to sweep his insecurities away and to hypnotize an whole audience !

Whoever you pass by on the street today, it could be a young person or an older one, looking average, down to earth…An unshaved man wearing a slobby sweater, a girl without make up showing her raw beauty…

Know that passion and genuineness can be burried deep within, behind their mask.

Just as with you. You might think you are just an average man or woman with an average life, while you just failed to see the genius in you or forgot how to access it…

What are you passionate about ? Music, art, science, writing, sports, a certain cause,…Find your passion and follow it !!!

This fire is within you for a reason : to inspire you to become a bigger version of yourself and to inspire others to do the same !

Phuro! Be inspired!

A little horsepower

“In the beginning was the word and the word was love and love was imagination. When love takes us through the sun-dappled garden of our imagination, no stalking horses can perturb the rainbow in our mind or fade out its bright colors reflecting in the blue sky of our memory.”

Erik Pevernagie


“My dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire.”


“A horse already knows who he is, do you know who you are ?”


“Ride the horse in the direction it is going.”


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”


Phuro! Be inspired!

Summoning a dragon

This is the story about a boy and his pets, a tiger and a snake. Pets the boy already had since birth, but that he was obliged to separate !

They couldn’t get along, they couldn’t stand each other ! Even being in the same room was painful, so he had them moved, the one far away from the other.

One lived in the eastern side of the castle, the other in the west. The boy had to walk miles each day to feed them and to have a small talk at best !

Snake and tiger often talked bad about each other ! They always gossiped or were trying to belittle one another.

One day the boy had enough of it, he became sick of all their quarrels and fights ! He couldn’t stand their hate anymore, he just wanted to play and laugh !

That day he decided to visit neither tiger nor snake ! A message was send to both, telling the boy’s health was at stake !


The tiger started nervously walking back and forth on his isle.

“Snakes are sneaky snails !” the tiger said resentfully ! “Snake must have seduced the boy to keep him away from me !”

“She is probably up to no good”, the tiger thought, stroking his beard. “Maybe she’ll try to suffocate the boy !” He became furious and feared…

“The boy is in danger ! It is time for a fight ! I’ll be knocking at the snake’s door and I’ll kill her tonight !


The snake was rising in suspicion and thought about a plan to murder the tiger too.

“That tiger must think he is smart, believing he can keep me and the boy forever apart ! I’ll teach him a ssserious lesson sssoon, tonight I sssneak out and kill him at full moon”.

Both animals went on a mission to claim back their rightful position !

That night was a thriller, they both met each other somewhere in the middle… There they were… ready for a fight, angry looks on their face, each showing their might !


They were about to grab one another’s head, when they heard a cough coming out of a bed. They stopped their fight and looked dazzled. Next to their battle seemed to be the room where the boy was settled.

They decided to pause a while the fight, just to have a quick look at the boy and then end this matter once and for all tonight !

The boy opened his eyes and was amazed to see them both standing at his bed, they were holding his hands and praying God to restore his health.

The boy felt instantly better and gave a hug to both !

“Seeing you together as friends makes my heart full of joy ! You made my dream come true. This is a miracle !”, shouted the boy !”

Tiger and snake were now full of remorse, impressed by the boy’s precious love and incredible force.

The night the boy’s animals reconciled, a king was born with a dragon by his side !



Make the magic happen and become a dragon…

Phuro! Be inspired!