Angels and butterflies

This summer I saw a peacock butterfly landing on one of my angel statues. I had the opportunity to take a picture of it.

This butterfly is very known and widely spread across Europe. It is quite spectacular with its eyes on it wings.

Peacock mimicry

In Central and South America and in the rainforest you can find owl butterflies also known for their huge eyespots, which resemble owl’s eyes.

They can be very large and prefer to fly at night when few predators are around. Their latin name refers to this, Caligo means darkness.

These butterflies have the ability to protect themselves, camouflaging themselves by mimicing an owl, so birds won’t be able to recognize them as a prey but see them as their enemy.

It seems there is a higher intelligence at work that keeps everything in this world balanced and protected…

Is there a higher power that – just as in nature – protects us when we are in danger ? Is the Divine keeping an eye on us too ?

If we would learn to turn to our true guides we could scare our enemies away. Our guides are always by our sides especially when we invoke them ! Divine intervention really exists !

Miracles can leave you wondering : “What has just happened ? How was I able to this ? How did I get this strength ?”

Assisted by the Divine you are able to project the darkness back to your agressors, holding a mirror in front of them. Your radiance can appear fearful to them.

Protected by the Divine, human angels can appear just in time of need, heaven sent ! “My savior appeared out of the blue…”

With our wings on, we are protected in darkness !

The Divine has many ways to communicate and to intervene, nothing is impossible !

Never consider it a coincidence. Just as it isn’t a coincidence that the moment I asked : “Who is with me today ?”, a peacock butterfly stranded on my way !

20170706_100109 (2)s

Phuro! be inspired!



What is love ?

 “Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true….”

Love is the source of life, at the core of our BEing we are Love. It is our essence.

Love transforms, transmutes and liberates. Love has no limitations. With Love things come alive, with Love anything can be made anew. Love transcends all space and time !

With feeling, thoughts and words come alive. If you could keep your mind focused on the positive and use constructive words all the time you would only see the positive in your life. When you feel tired, depressed, miserable, lonely, fearful, dreadful, you have driven off from source. You started to focus on your dark spots, putting your attention on them, reinforcing them along the way !

Maybe you feel you have been wandering in darkness for too long, having no clue where your inner light might be, and you lost all hope and faith in better times. Know that the power is still there, the flame can always be ressurected.  The light can always be switched on ! It is just a matter of screening yourself and restoring yourself to your divine blueprint.

There’s nothing wrong with your hardware. Your soul mind body system responds to what you put into it. You have downloaded the wrong software. Your commanding mechanism has been infected with viruses, now things get slow or systems get overloaded, ready to crash ! Reprogram yourself !

True Love dissolves the bugs of the ego we so cling on to. We are afraid of letting them go. We have to detach from the bad in our life. We have to stop owning and claiming our illnesses and problems.

Love creates a ripple effect, extending further then we can ever imagine. Love strengthens that which is good, overpowers that which is bad. Love straightens what is crooked.

Love easily multiplies. With enough love, one thing becomes the many. Love is the gift. By multiplying love you multiply the gift. You are able to touch souls, you have the power to touch lives. Give with love and you benefit the whole. Do what you do with love and you can expand anything. Give more love and receive more love !


“Love yourself and be awake –
today, tomorrow, always. 
First establish yourself in the way,
then teach others, and so defeat sorrow. 

To straighten the crooked
you must first do a harder thing,
straighten yourself.
You are the only master. Who else?
Subdue yourself, and discover your master.”

Phuro! Be inspired!





The power of true prayer

“Try me,” Said The Lord of hosts, “and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessings there will not be room to receive it.”

Malachi 3: 10

When we pray, we usually ask God for help. We rely on prayer too often when we are in distress, when we are in trouble. Sometimes it’s our last resort and it becomes a plea : “Please God, why must I go through this ? Please make everything better ! I cannot take it anymore, I need your help !”

Afterwards we are disappointed in God or perhaps even angry when the damage is done or when our wishes didn’t come true! We turn away from God, from prayer, from our faith in God’s power !

God isn’t laughing in his fist high in the sky at your misfortune, trauma, poverty or disease. God is in you and in all things created. “He is waiting for your return”, means he is waiting for you to make another choice. From the “dark side”, your negative thoughts and “demons” to the “light”, your positive thoughts and feelings !

Do you want to know the power of true prayer, the prayer that is always heard and answered ? For this kind of prayer you do not need words, the true power of prayer comes from your heart. It requires your feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love to feel as if the prayer has already been answered.

One of my favorite authors, Gregg Braden wrote in his book “The Lost Prayer”: “The elders know the power of true prayer, if they need rain, they pray rain, they do not pray for rain ! They focus on the feeling that rain gives them ! How does the rain feel on their bodies ? How does it feel to walk in wet grass with bare feet ? What do they smell ? How brilliant to see all the flowers and plants florishing again when rain has fallen ! ”

Ditto for the Buddhist monks who spend their days chanting prayers and singing, reciting mantras, under the sound of bells, gongs and singing bowls. The abbot of the monastery told Braden that prayer is invisible, “What you see is what they do to generate the feeling in their body. Feeling is prayer !”

That’s what all the ancient writings, all the sages and prophets are trying to tell us. Prayer is our communication with the universe and follows the laws of the universe. If your desire or wish is produced in true form it will be fulfilled.

“Ultimately, there are no dialogues in the world; it is a divine monologue, for in reality there are not two, but only the single reality in its appearance as many. The true prayer has the power to wake you up from the phenomenal waking state into timeless Awareness, a space where seeing, being and the ultimate are one.”


“Whatever you desire, when you pray, know that you will receive”. If we fully trust that what we have asked for is already ours, then we know that we are working in accordance with the universal law. When the desire is fulfilled then, we know that the law is fulfilled. When we see that the desire is not fulfilled, we must realize that the fault lies with us and not with God !

To get in alignement with what you desire, you have to drop your fears and leave all prejudices behind, have faith and don’t doubt your statements. Become one with the seed that you have planted in your mind, feel it is yours, feel that you already have what you desire and hold on to your ideal, even though the whole world seems against you !

There is no limit to God’s power, anything is possible ! I AM, your awareness, is master. You are master of all that you ever will be aware of BEing, you are responsable for all that you ever will vibrate into being.

We say, “I am” hundreds of times a day and we don’t know we are using the name of God. We pay no attention to what we say following “I AM.” Whenever I say “I AM”, I AM is creating something.  When I say, “I am,” I am attaching my awareness of being to something. We must watch every thought that contains I Am. If you are observant, you will see that you have created every circumstance and experience of your life. Begin to monitor every word I AM that you say. Do you see a pattern? Have you been misusing the creative power that is God (I AM) ? Neville

Praying is believing that we have already received that which we ask. Let the how, when and where to the universe, your job is to get into atonement with your heart’s true desire and to not let adverse thoughts and feelings sneak into your prayers. Let the good seeds grow ! And if you still want to use words in your prayer, make them positive !

That is the true meaning of the words : “If you believe you will see God’s glory !”

Phuro! Be inspired!

Inspiring authors : Neville Goddard, Charles Fillmore, Baird T Spalding, Gregg Braden


Sat Tat Aum

“The threefold flame, or divine spark, is the seed of the divine within us. It is the seed of the Inner Christ and the Inner Buddha.”

When Spirit manifests creation, it becomes the Trinity : Father, Son, Holy Ghost, or Sat Tat Aum. Sat is God as the Creator existing beyond creation, cosmic consciousness. It is the Father. The Son, Tat, is God’s omnipresent intelligence existing in creation, Christ consciousness. Aum is the vibratory power of God that objectifies and becomes creation, Aum is the Holy Ghost.

 “The kingdom of God is within you”


Soul mind body

The heart is the soul’s link to divinity. The flame resides in the secret chamber of the heart. This flame is the essence of God and is threefold. The divine qualities of the threefold flame are Power, Wisdom and Love.

With the loss of the balance of love, wisdom, and power comes the loss of the Christ consciousness, which then recedes to the level of mediator, acting as a go-between between the imperfection of the outer evolving consciousness and the perfection of the great inner God Self.

“Emotions, controlled by love in balance with wisdom create a sharp etch of power which life cannot resist.”

Igniting the violet flame is :

Recognizing and accepting our sovereign Power, our ability to take in the universal energy and to restore the body to its divine blueprint. Choosing what strengthens us.

Nourishing the mind with divine ideas, intuitive knowing, having access to all Wisdom, knowledge of Universal Laws.

Having Unconditional Love for life in all its manifestations.

“You are love, as love you have the power to attract to yourself everything you need. As love you have the power to ignite into compression every form of energy and every form of supply your life requires.”

Love is the source of your life. The power behind thought is Love. You have to put Love  behind your thoughts to make them work.

If your love is the archer, then your mind is the bow and your thoughts are the arrows.

To hit target, thought involves direction of awareness with the right intention. You give power to a thought through the directions you place on it.

Without careful direction of thoughts you will miss the target. Without love to pull the bow string, your motivation will be weak or misdirected.

 “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

John 8:12

Phuro! Be inspired!


Inspiration :

Love without end, Glenda Green

The Yoga of Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda

Maitreya on initiation, Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Dossier on the ascension, Serapis Bey




Through the eyes of God

” One day God granted me a wish and created this beautiful mosaic. I could see through infinity’s eyes and navigate the skies. One day I got an answer to my why. God turned me into a dragonfly.”

We are all aspects of God, viewing life from many different perspectives. God is consciousness and splits itself into many different viewpoints or “I ams.” Each viewpoint is a part of infinity and exists as an individual soul, an “I am,” and as the whole or the infinite self.

While I AM is infinite, you by your concepts and your beliefs, are only displaying a limited aspect of the infinite I AM. Each word you put after “I am” allows you to attract a matching and existing reality and to split in another viewpoint of infinity : I am this or I am that.


“In the eyes of God, no one is big or small. In every heart the Consciousness there is His reflection.”


Infinity is holographic. This means that any part of infinity contains the whole. If you would cut a picture in half, instead of getting half a picture, you would get the whole in a smaller version. The smallest part of a hologram contains all the information of the entire hologram. You have access to all the information of the universe and you are connected to all that exists.

We are all like drops of water out of the ocean : we are made up the essence of that enormous body of water and we are all connected. Everything is one ! We are one with source, we are the I AM, pure consciousness expressing itself from a certain point of view according to our self concepts, our beliefs, our intentions.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from infinity, infinity already contains everything. This means health, wealth, success,… are not created, they are manifested by the concept you have in mind of yourself. If you want change in your outer world or reach a higher level of being you must first change the concept of yourself.

The purpose of our lives is to give meaning to life, to be the creator of our reality and to allow infinite spirit to have billions of different experiences from all these myriad of viewpoints.

No one is a tiny little creature; we are all Gods !


Phuro! Be inspired!





Journey of the soul

 “Everything has a soul, including everything in your body and every issue in your life. It carries a purpose and a message. If we can honor and benefit from the message, we can heal it and transform it. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.”

Master Sha

According to Tao teachings everyone & everything consists of soul, mind and body. The soul is not only the boss of mind and body, soul is the essence of who we are.

All illness begins as a message or blockage at the soul level. Then it moves to the mind and body levels, creating physical and other challenges. Karma, negative beliefs and other limiting messages are the cause of these blockages.

Tao teachings uses our four powers (soul power, mind power, body power, sound power) to remove blockages, release negative messages and energy, and to reinstall good health. It uses the power of the Tao and its divine frequency for clearing our karma by forgiveness of past issues and sending all souls involved much love and light.

Emotions : the GPS of the soul


Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are the gps of the soul. When you feel un-ease, when you have a dis-ease, your soul is out of balance, you have fed it the wrong kind of information or messages. When you experience a negative emotion, you have chosen something that is not in alignement with your soul, so it will automatically weaken your mind/body/soul.

Letting go of our attachements is difficult for most of us. It demands a sincere and honest decision to surrender completely all these things that emotionally disturb us.

You have the power to balance your soul, to heal the self with positive messages and truthful information. Positive emotions are balancing emotions. Love can transform all life. Forgiveness clears past issues and brings peace. Feelings of compassion and gratitude send all souls involved much love and light. More light enlightens the soul !

“When you seek healing, place no thought on the illness (for you would not wish to multiply that), but love that which is well until it multiplies and overtakes that which was lacking in health.

This is the miracle of gratitude : it multiplies whatever you appreciate. This is why it is so important when giving, that you give with love. In that way, you multiply the gift. You can multiply and expand anything. 

With enough love, one thing becomes the many.”

Soul is our essence, it is who we truly are, but in order to grow, the soul is put through many challenges. The more we grow and learn how to release our negativity and clear our issues from the past, the more we are able to heal ourselves and to transform all issues in our life.

Phuro! Be inspired!


In a dream…

When I was a child I thought there was a hidden room in my grandparents’ house. I imagined it so frequently that I was convinced the room really existed. Hidden for all but in plain sight for me !

I kept visiting this secret chamber because it felt magical to be there, it was a bright room with a large library and comfortable chairs that sucked me even further in a dream state. When I grew up I was deceived that it only took place in my imagination…


But years later I found myself in that secret room again. The remembrance of the dream, the rediscovery of the room made me feel joyful, but it also reminded me of the deception so I said to myself “Don’t be caught too much in your imagination again…”

Then it dawned on me that this dream was about the wisdom of the heart : my secret room represented the core of my being ! This hidden room was my sacred space and I now remembered how to enter it !

Our whole life we seem to be in search for something we have lost but this inner intelligence is always with us, ready to guide and to teach us. It has always been there, it is always here now ! We have only forgotten how to access it.


The very core of your being speaks to you but not often in a language you immediately understand. Although it is a personal conversation, you are not always able to interpret the messages. You can’t accept this inner wisdom ‘cause you can’t recognize it any more !

You can only tell by your own experience how this sacred space speaks to you. I can only tell that opening up to the power of the heart feels like returning home and stepping into a place of love and acceptance. A magical place full of ancient wisdom !

You can discard your true feelings as being an illusion your whole life but then you cut off the communication between you and this innate wisdom.

The heart may whisper or may not always use words but it speaks. Learn to listen !


Phuro! Be inspired!


The time is now !

We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer?

David Lynch (Monica Bellucci scene, Twin Peaks)

I know it is a paradox to stay calm amidst the storm, but even though outer circumstances force you into a certain direction or there is seemingly chaos around you, it is often the ego’s last attempt to stay in control, trying to suck you back into darkness.

First wavers have often received a shock treatment and many of us have learned through hardship or trial & error. Many of us feel they have been hit hard, tested in their faith and strength. We have been the buffer zones for a very long time !

Many are at the end of their strength and do have a feeling of crawling towards the finish line. Doubts creep in again. Now it is a matter of trusting your intuition completely. It’s about answering the call right now and accepting what you came to do right here, right now.

 “Death is an illusion, life is a dream and you are the creator of your own imagination.”

 LJ Vanier

The path of liberation is one of setting your soul free. If you have faith in your inner feeling, you don’t go looking for outer signs anymore; and your capacities of inner knowing grow the more you speak your truth.

When you are standing your own ground and drop all worry, your soul rejoices and says “finally back to our essence !” The soul revives each time you drop tension and fear !


“But what if I am alone ?” You might ask.

Spirit would answer :  “you are never alone”.

“But what if I’m not capable ?”

“You are always strong enough”, spirit would answer.

“But I am afraid !” you say.

and spirit answers :

“How can you be afraid of the dark

when you yourself are light ?”


Phuro! Be inspired!




The fear of death

“The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things make man cling to life.”

On the verge of death people often feel regret and remorse.

Regret for unspoken things, regret for the fears that they couldn’t face. Remorse for the harm that they have caused, remorse for all the quarrels and the fights !

On the verge of death people often feel guilt and shame, hate and resentment, there are still wounds and pains that they have left untouched. There are still things that weigh them down.

On the verge of death people fear to be punished by a judgemental God !

If they could forgive themselves and others for all the harm being done and clear their unfinished businesses, they wouldn’t have to carry that much with them !

For years they have been struggling and postponing their happiness. They often don’t realise they were chasing an illusion but now it’s too late to make a change !

Don’t wait till the verge of death to liberate you from your fears and to free yourself from the weights of anger and hate.

Don’t wait till the verge of death to spend time with loved ones and to do the things that really matter…

Don’t wait until it’s too late to be loving and forgiving !

Phuro! Be inspired!

When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you.

If you have attained liberation you are free from death, you accept the inevitable.
You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. 

If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear. If you die in “unity”, you are free from rebirth, unless you will it.”






Psychic protection

“We should never respond to attack by attack, thus bringing ourselves down to the moral level of our attackers !”

Dion Fortune

Our mind is divisible into two parts, each with its own separate powers and functions. We call these the conscious mind or the objective and the subconscious mind or subjective mind. The conscious mind uses the 5 senses as its medium to perceive this world. Its highest function is the reasoning faculty.

The subconscious mind is the seat of our emotions and our storehouse of memory. It performs at its best when the outer senses are brought to silence. The subjective mind is constantly “subject” to the power of suggestion, from our own objective mind, from other people and from other invisible entities.

Auto-suggestion is given by our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. Positive affirmations will help you focus your mind on good thoughts and feelings but we must impress our subconscious mind !

The subconscious mind belongs to a much earlier phase of evolution than the conscious mind, a phase prior to the development of speech. To address it in words, is like speaking to a man in a language he does not understand. In order to deal with it we must use another kind of language.


We must make a mental picture of the thing we want done and hold it in consciousness untill it begins to influence and sink into the subconsciousness. The subconscious mind will understand this picture, and act upon it. If you say to your subconscious mind, “Don’t be frightened,” and you make a mental picture of the fearful situation, the result will be the thing you’ve feared the most, because the subconsious will only see the picture and discard the negative words, because the word “not” and “no” means nothing to it !

“When I express any of the heart virtues, I place them through the lens of oneness and equality. That’s where they achieve their potency in expression. Then I take that experience and quite literally send it to my head region, imagining that experience is placed in the pineal gland in the center of the brain. This is my way of mailing it to everyone through the unconscious mind.”

Dr Neruda

Time and space don’t exist in the realm of thoughts. If we think of a person, we are already in touch with that person. If we picture them clearly, it is as if we were face to face with them. If we picture them vaguely, it is as if we saw them in the distance. If the thought is strong (purity of mind and intention, of high vibration) , distance makes no difference. If it is weak (not focused and not heartfelt, of low vibration) it will have no effect at all !

When a person is in sympathetic vibration with a thought-form – whether it is a blessing or a curse – then that thought-form will remain with that person, it can activate itself at any given moment. It will strengthen that particular vibration in the person.

If the person is not responsive to this vibration, then the thought-form cannot affect it at all. The balanced person will return the energy, with the same force the sender has broadcasted it !

“Until the aura is pierced, there can be no entrance to the soul, and the aura is always pierced from within by the response of fear or desire going out towards the attacking entity. If we can inhibit that instinctive emotional reaction, the edge of the aura will remain impenetrable, and will be as sure a defence against psychic invasion as the healthy and unbroken skin is a defence against bacterial infection.”

Arthur A. Powell

You can protect yourself by imagining yourself in a golden bubble of protection. Mantras can help to calm you during an attack. You can ask your angels to remove all negative or evil influences in the name of Christ, and then thank them afterwards. A pure heart and mind are the best protection against “occult attacts”, acttacts of feeling and thought ! Shield yourself from negativity and protect your energy body, your mental and astral body from being penetrated !

“Nothing can be achieved without knowledge and yet everything can be achieved just through a pure heart !”


We may not be able to stop others from casting spells on us and sending us curses, (whether it is done out of ignorance or deliberately) but we can balance ourselves so that these spells can’t find proper ground in our bodies to settle. We should never react with anger, fear or hate, reinforcing that state within ourselves !

Phuro! Be inspired!