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Angels and butterflies

This summer I saw a peacock butterfly landing on one of my angel statues. I had the opportunity to take a picture of it. This butterfly is very known and widely spread across Europe. It is quite spectacular with its eyes on it wings. In Central and South America and in the rainforest you can… Lees verder Angels and butterflies

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Through the eyes of God

" One day God granted me a wish and created this beautiful mosaic. I could see through infinity's eyes and navigate the skies. One day I got an answer to my why. God turned me into a dragonfly." We are all aspects of God, viewing life from many different perspectives. God is consciousness and splits itself into many different… Lees verder Through the eyes of God

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The time is now !

We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer? David Lynch (Monica Bellucci scene, Twin Peaks) I know it is a paradox to stay calm amidst the storm, but even though outer circumstances force you into a certain direction or there is seemingly chaos around you, it is often the ego’s last… Lees verder The time is now !