Turn the tide

We are more likely to remember the negative things than the positive. We also tend to focus on our shortcomings, our lack or our bad habits ! And of course a lot of people, especially the critics are immediately there to remind us of our former mistakes or our past failures ! One mistake, one… Lees meer Turn the tide

Souls in distress

What if there were a book available to help you take the direction you truly desire in life or help you solve any kind of problem or life situation ? What if there were a brilliant method to empower yourself and have a clear understanding of your inner nature ? Would you buy such a… Lees meer Souls in distress

The power of imagination

Life is a process of learning, unlearning and relearning. Remember when they told you : “It’s just your imagination ! Put your dreams away ! You can’t do that !” Let the words of the greatest convince you of the power of your imagination ! Be inspired!

Transformation !

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12 : 2 When we have eaten something toxic, our body automatically flushes out toxins, we don’t need to instruct it. When we are sick, our body knows how to heal itself. Every part of us –… Lees meer Transformation !