Aarrr !

“No mate, I’m free forever. Free to sail the seas beyond the edges of the map, free from death itself.”   Captain Jack Sparrow The map is not the territory Every person has his own view (map) on reality. You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are. All your… Lees meer Aarrr !

Under attack ?

“When the right spirit walks in, the wrong spirits get nervous.”  James 2:19 Psychic vampirism is real ! But how do you move through it unaffected ? Not letting anything get under your skin or opening portals for dark entities to crawl in…How do you protect yourself against evil ? How do you prevent psychic… Lees meer Under attack ?

Use Love !

When we learn to discipline and control our thoughts and feelings, and use only the positive, constructive words, sent forth with divine love, our body and mind respond to that righteousness – right-use-ness. The right use and selection of words is of vital importance but equally important is the feeling behind those words, for feeling… Lees meer Use Love !

Fear not, fly !

“Until you spread your wings, you will never know how far you can fly.” Where faith is present, fear can’t exist. We are all powerful beings carrying huge wings but they will not unfold unless we take the leap ! Faith requires us to stay positive and focused. Faith is knowing that we are always… Lees meer Fear not, fly !

Never back down

Do you feel like going to war every day ? You put your armor on when you leave the house and heavily equipped you move towards the walking dead. When you are in the process of inner transformation and awakening you feel like living amongst zombies ! To the sleepers you are almost invisible, they… Lees meer Never back down