Never back down


Do you feel like going to war every day ? You put your armor on when you leave the house and heavily equipped you move towards the walking dead. When you are in the process of inner transformation and awakening you feel like living amongst zombies !

To the sleepers you are almost invisible, they are trapped in the trance state that has been instigated upon them by those forces on the dark side.

They are being manipulated by these players who only work for their own profit. They are completely brainwashed and aren’t able to look behind the veil of illusion. They are sedated and numb. Once magnetised in a certain direction it becomes difficult to pull them out of this deep hypnotic state.

This tattoo is by Charles Huurman, Valencia, Spain

Sleepers will ignore you and are relatively harmless to you, their rulers however will do anything to pull you down ! The dark force’s puppets notice you and try to attack you ! They will do anything to discredit you, tell you that you are a fake or a fraude !

They will gossip about you and tell lies, they will try to keep you as far away as possible from the sleepers. They will attempt to silence your voice, put several distractions on your path…anything to prevent you from speaking your truth !

Let your inner fire consume all feelings of hate and fear, worries and doubts they have instilled upon you and their dirty secrets will eventually rise to the surface.

You are going through a process of transformation. You are not crazy, you are awakening and you are definitely not alone in this !

Never back down ! You got back up starbeings !

Phuro! Be inspired!




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  1. Eric schreef:

    Belgium is closing in on 700 (less than 20 now, feel free to browse as usual)!! Here are some Red Devils updates, and a few from the women’s game!!

    Jamaica makes the women’s tournament in France next year, their first appearance –

    The Red Devils are held on derby day against the Dutch, wasting several chances to win –

    And finally, the U.S. men’s team draws Peru, although they let a potential momentum game slip through their fingers –

  2. Eric schreef:

    Nine more views to 700, if you can help.

    The U.S. men’s team plays in Genk against Italy on 20 November to close out its schedule. It’s nice to have both sides of my heritage represented in some way.

  3. Eric schreef:

    Also, I know baseball isn’t as popular in Belgium, but the World Series (the finals) are coming up, and the team I root for is in it. I also think the history and romance makes it the easiest game to write about.

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