Souls in distress

What if there were a book available to help you take the direction you truly desire in life or help you solve any kind of problem or life situation ? What if there were a brilliant method to empower yourself and have a clear understanding of your inner nature ? Would you buy such a… Lees meer Souls in distress

The power of imagination

Life is a process of learning, unlearning and relearning. Remember when they told you : “It’s just your imagination ! Put your dreams away ! You can’t do that !” Let the words of the greatest convince you of the power of your imagination ! Be inspired!

Sky & sand

A friend of ours used to have a snack bar in our neighbourhood. One evening my son ran to the counter and ordered french fries and a burger, he mentioned to our friend that he didn’t like the sesame seeds on the bun ! Our friend immediately took a burger bun and started scraping off… Lees meer Sky & sand