Critical mass



“Nothing is more imminent than the impossible . . . what we must always foresee is the unforeseen.”

Victor Hugo

The break through, where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. The point of critical mass.

In sociodynamics critical mass is a sufficient number of adopters of an innovation in a social system so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth. The term is borrowed from nuclear physics and in that field it refers to the amount of a substance needed to sustain a chain reaction.

It can also be the minimum size or amount of resources required to start or maintain a venture. Any movement or venture has to reach critical mass to carry on and succeed. It is a point in which things can change rapidly, growth explodes, you break through some kind of barrier. It is the point at which a…

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  1. Ravisingh schreef:

    very well written! Great post!

    1. Phuro! schreef:

      Thank you Sir !

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