“Getting lost is a good way to find yourself.”

You feel troubled and and you are still recovering from old wounds. You don’t fit in with anyone. You feel lost…

You probably put too much effort into life aswell and you see life as a struggle. Now constant drama is following your footsteps.

Life became joyless and a life without joy isn’t suiting for your soul ! It drains you !


You feel incomplete. Your inner child got hurt and you have to restore your relationship with it and give it the care and attention it needs.

Your inner child believes in you…Why can’t you believe in it ?

When your inner make-up got all messed up, an inner cleansing is necessary.

Scrap off the old layers that are useless, that are hiding who you truly are.

No cover ups anymore !

Let go of the battle and surrender to life !

Savor every moment of your existence.  

Accept that life is flowing to you and through you effortlessly and endlessly !


Phuro! Be inspired!


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  1. Akarsh_dm schreef:

    Really so inspiring and this is so true, “When your inner make-up got all messed up, an inner cleansing is necessary”.

    1. Shakira aka Lascifixion schreef:

      So treu

  2. Phuro! schreef:

    Thank you ❤

  3. Ben Aqiba schreef:

    Hello Wiena,

    great post.We sometimes need to lose ourselves to get the best out of our personality !

  4. oldpoet56 schreef:

    Very good article, I am going to reblog this one for you.

    1. Phuro! schreef:

      Thank you ❤

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