Inner peace can’t be bought canned or in a box.

Spirit can’t be sprayed as a perfume just when you want to be at your best.

There is no magic pill that can cure you of the pain of going against your grain.

How do you blow “animo” back in life then ?

You go beyond. Beyond the human eye.

You have to look beyond every illusion to see what is really going on.

You have to move beyond every judgement to understand what “being human” truly is.

Beyond all divisions of humanity that separate humans and keep them from unity.

Go beyond to become a whole human again.

Phuro! Be inspired!

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  1. KraftingThoughts schreef:

    Can’t be bought canned or in a box, but can be preserved inside us! 😃

    1. Phuro! schreef:

      Yes, we only need to poke it the right way to ignite it !

  2. Ravisingh schreef:

    Fantastic! so well written.I loved this post!

  3. Ravisingh schreef:

    Thank you!

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