Throwing a tantrum ?

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Ugly tackle on the field…Damn referee ! A nasty driver cut you off and you got a speeding ticket ! The rain just ruined your hair…and you spilled your cup of coffee all over the place ! You got bullied…School sucks !

Throwing a temper tantrum ? Need anger management ? Let us take these quick tips into consideration to get you in a calm state again !

Remove yourself from the scene !


Whenever it is possible : REMOVE yourself from the scene. Respect the people around you. They too could have had a bad hair day ! If you are harmful to other people and you continue your actions, know that you can or will be removed abruptly or violently. So you decide…it’s up to you whether you create more drama or STOP it !

Do something else !


Get totally lost in another activity. Cleaning, cooking, fitness, jogging,…Get rid off excessive energy. Run, run, run your lungs out. Punch a pillow.

Precautions have to be taken when driving a vehicle. Traffic can trigger agressive behaviour !

Clear your mind


Was your sister that annoying that you considered pulling her hair out ? Maybe there were already early signs of frustration present within you. When you woke up this morning, you could barely get out of bed, you were late and had to speed things up to be on time…and then she started to…

Today is a new canvas you can paint on, leave your dark colors in the drawer, leave your quarrels, arguments and grudges behind. You will feel instant relief from this mess and stress in your head when you don’t cooperate with it anymore. Don’t get pulled into drama all the time !

Calm down !

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Create a space of your own where you can withdraw when neccessary. Prepare yourself a nice spot and make it cosy and comfortable. Do a lot of breathing exercices. Try to meditate…If you find meditation useless : Don’t feel bad but seek another calming activity : go for a walk in nature, listen to suiting music, read a book or take a nap !

Find your happy place !


Use your imagination to create a happy place just for yourself. Close your eyes and imagine a place where you are in total peace and harmony. Your happy place can be somewhere on vacation at the beach while you are looking at a sunset, maybe you imagine having 100 puppies around that need cuddling ! You are having a big rave…Or you find yourself having a walking closet with 1000 shoes in it…

Can you feel it ?

Find a cuddle buddy !


Do you have a special friend who can bring you back to your senses in no time ? Now is the time to make that call. Wherever they are or whatever they are doing, trust that they will try to do anything to assist you.

Being able to cuddle someone physically present is the quickest solution and will melt away anger and frustration in seconds. Do not contaminate the other with your toxic words or behavior. Just surrender to the loving feeling…

There you go…

Seek help !


If none of this helps and you or your environment suffer, when you know that your temper can go terribly wrong and you might want to hurt yourself or cause any harm to other beings, seek professional help ! A lot of dedicated professionals are ready to assist you !

Phuro! Be inspired!



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  1. Well, must-try tips for me. I am sure others will be happy if I will adopt those. However, the visualisations you added beautified the reading experience! 😀😀

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