Soccer is a TEAM sport

We all know that soccer is a competitive sport between two teams. But how often do we see that team members are quarreling against eachother or that players sabotage themselves during the game ?

If you are a soccer player, know that your biggest opponent is often yourself ! Let us go into the group dynamics of a soccer team and categorize some of these players.

The thinker


Do you believe there’s a voice in your head that is always there to criticize you and contradicting everything that you do ? That’s your inner critic who is getting in the way ! He can say nasty things like : “You can never repeat such a move again.” or : “You moron, that ball should have been in !”

It’s not a good time to judge every move you make on the field. Trust that you will perform at your best and stay focused. Observe your actions instead of judging them !

The doubter


Doubters lack self confidence. Their self talk is usually negative and judgemental towards themselves and they are easily struck down by the criticism of others (team members, opponents, coach and supporters). Watch the body language of the player altering after a remark : he will be completely out of the game (not focused), and he will lose strength (the remark “hits” him and makes him go weak !)

The bully


So you think you are strong when you’re angry ? Guess what ? Nope ! An aggressive and tensed player gets weak too and is prone to injuries. Why ? Whenever you are not balanced, you will use muscles that aren’t neccessarily useful during soccer. Your muscles will start contracting, you will use a lot of energy that you could have used to the maximum when you would have been focused on the game ! Not to mention the consequences you have to face afterwards when you were verbally or physically aggressive towards someone…

The cryer


Here’s the other side of the emotional pendulum : the sad one always plays the victim. Just as the angry player will go weak, the emotional one will lack the energy to play a good game. They often are not resilient to what happens around them and would rather throw in the towel after a misser. Why continue ? We have already lost the game…Their head is already in the shower…

The frustrated player


The frustrated one will focus on everything that goes wrong in the team and will get angry because of his own “stupidity” or because of other players’ actions. He will eventually start yelling at other players and will get stressed and demotivated too. Remember that you are a team and that you have a common goal to achieve. Keep yourself and others motivated !

The unmotivated player


Are you forced by your parents to play soccer ? Would you rather do something else then playing soccer ? Are you just keeping your father’s dream alive ? Time for an honest chat if you would ask me !

Players can also get demotivated by their environnement. This includes angry parents and coaches, supporters, jealous girlfriends, disputes between team members etc…

And then there are players who don’t show up for practise and expect to play and win the next game on saturday…

The egoist

maxresdefault (1)

So you think you got it all worked out for you…and that you really don’t need to practise that hard. It’s a piece of cake acccording to you. You would rather drop dead than to pass the ball to a team member whose in a better position to score. You are surprised when other team members start to exclude you. “What are they thinking ? Ignoring a great talent like me….”

Also remember that “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

The comedian


You do need fun and pleasure otherwise you will never keep on top of your performances, but that doesn’t mean the game has to become a caricature, a theatre play or a drama. Don’t waste your precious time by giving us a magnificent show, people are here to watch a soccer game, not a stand up comedy !

The balanced one


Do you really want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo ? When the passion for soccer comes from deep within…you are destined to become a great athlete ! The great ones keep going despite all outer appearences and judgements of others…

Remember they said Messi was too small to be a succesful soccer player ? You can always prove them wrong. Build up your mental strength and emotional resilience and work hard to be a winner !

Next time we’ll discuss the tools you can use to beat any opposition on your way to success !

Phuro! Be inspired!

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