Tell it as it is

It’s that time of the year…everyone is instigating eachother with germs. I was amongst the unlucky ones this week and got struck, I really felt miserable, unable to write, just feeling the need to rest and to sleep !

Monday I promised someone to be present at a meeting to offer him support but I was obliged to cancel it. By the end of the day, I had lost my voice completely !

I am still wondering whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. Soccer meetings are dangerous and can even get me mixed up further. I tell you why.

No one is speaking their truth anymore. No one “tells it as it is”. Sometimes there’s a lot of gossip going around before the meeting and you assume people will mention all of this…untill they are standing face to face with the person concerned, then they completely shut down !

So what follows is that me, highly sensitive as I am, after “reading” and collecting all the members’ frustrations I just spit them out ! There’s nothing funny about that really !

Before you have completed a sentence, there’s the moderator of the meeting, getting in defensive/aggressive mode, acting more as a buffer zone between the board and us.

It’s a constant play of throwing the ball back and forth without getting to a real solution. A game none of us can win. You might aswell play bullshit bingo…

A lot of people don’t realize that you can regard any group, company, club as a person. It has a spirit too. You don’t need a crystal ball to know that a sick mind will take sick actions eventually, there’s no difference with group “spirits”. I am convinced the board of our soccer club has a completely different agenda than ours.

There’s lack of focus, lack of vision, no structure at all. Instead of regarding their youthplayers as their potential and taking action towards their growth, supporting us with material and other needs, they are just sucking the life completely out of us ! It’s like they are slowly letting us bleed to death….

Being a strong advocate of putting the right man or woman at the right place, I even offered my services to help them but there was barely interest. All they could see was my wrapping paper that said “woman and blond”, useless to say I got my hands off it and these gentlemen lost an opportunity for good…

Do I often go to these meetings ? I used to …but not anymore, I am a lover, not a fighter ! I am a doer, not a talker ! They know I will be back when instead of arguing they will be inspired to take some real action !

And for those with eyes to see and ears to listen : all useful coaching information is on my website…


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