Swag up !


“Hon, can you fix my Mini Cooper ?”

“Are you kidding, look at it ! It is missing a tyre and its rear mirrors !”

“I still have them somewhere…”

“The lights are popping out..It already had a short circuit !”

“I know you can make him look decent again. You got some strong glue, right ?”

“You really do believe in fairy tales ! It’s a total loss ! Believe me, you better say farewell to it. I promise I will get you another one.”

“I’m not giving up on him yet ! With a few adjustments he just might have his wings back !”

“Can’t you just let it go ? You steered that thing completely crazy !”

“But I adore him, he makes people smile. And he has the Union Jack roof !”

“Like it’s the only one with that trait !”

“Why must I always be surrounded by people who don’t understand me ? Jack just needs his mojo back…”

“I’ll see what I can do to swag him up babe….”

“Thanks hon, I know you can do this !”



Jack definitely isn’t dead yet…

Phuro! Be inspired!



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