“Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul”


Words can heal, words can hurt !

They speak of beauty or speak of dirt.

They are used to uplift or to break down,

make you smile or make you frown !

Words can speak of enslavement or liberation,

of expansion or limitation.

They conceive what’s good or what’s bad,

leave you happy or sad.

You can create elegance and flair

or misery and despair !

Words can be smart,

words can hit hard !

You can utter words of confidence or confusion.

You can create a world of miracles

or a world of illusions !

Words can cast spells, spit venom and hate,

words can be blessings and an expression of faith !

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”,

will make you go weak or strong.

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”

you own !



Phuro! Be inspired!




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  1. simplyfriendlytrip schreef:

    Word .. hm .. 😐

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