Blogging is challenging !

Yes, blogging is challenging ! Not because of the lack of inspiration, there’s plenty of that ! I am often inspired by daily life, the ponderings of my mind or the many inspirational reads from fellow bloggers !

The challenging part is the disturbance around me, just when I am in the middle of my “writer’s trance” !

Challenge n°1 is a teenager and soccer player, constantly craving for food. “Mom, what are we eating ?” “Mom, I am hungry, can you prepare me a snack ?”

“Just a minute son !”

“Mom ?”

“Bear with me son !”

Half an hour later he’s obliged to ask the same questions again, making me feel a distracted mother neglecting my child’s primal needs…I stumble to the kitchen…

Challenge n°2 are other beings in the house who use other, advanced methods of attracting my attention when they are hungry…Cats !

Although James looks an innocent and devoted cat, he’s very convincing and stubborn but predictable in his actions ! He often seems a child throwing up a tantrum. When he’s in hungry mode I have to watch every step I take, he always aims at my legs, preventing me from going out of the kitchen !

Or he violently jumps on the table, unable to control his landing ! He lost his sense of equilibrium, after his tail got amputated (due to an injury). Now he has no brakes at all and my laptop usually means “bulls eye” !

Complete mindfulness in seconds ! (Try that yourself !) He drops unconscious on my keyboard ! Playing dead !

What follows seems to be a discussion between my puberal son and me !

“James, get off my computer !” “No mom !”

“James, mom needs to work !” “Who cares mom !”

“James, I am going to pick you up !” “Not funny, mom !”

There is only one way to get rid of him : pushing him gently by his butt off the computer, shoving him to the left of my keyboard.

One moment of distraction, a sip from my cup of coffee is enough to get him plotting  against me again ! There’s his head back on my keyboard, followed by his paws, all stretched out, ready to take a nap!

His favorite occupations on my laptop : asking help from windows, putting on his favorite music on Foobar or complete shutdown !

I once thought I was hallucinating when I found my screen completely turned upside down. (You can press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys while pressing left, right, up, down to rotate the screen in a different direction, little did I know !) Allthough it inspired me to use upon my colleagues on april fools’ day !

My fingers are barely allowed to touch the mouse. In my cats’ attempts to draw my hand off it, they often start writing their own language : 54ùopùm4l4i48ù or µµµµµµµµµµµµµµ

If you happen to read a message like this, I was probably hijacked by one of the cats who prevented me from blogging ! Here is the proof !



Phuro! Be inspired!


Auteur: Wiena

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