Black panther

“Shadows dripping in silver light cast from an illusive moon, stir, then magically still, leaving doubts adrift in the mind of the observer…Was there movement of shadow within shadow or only the illusion of such, like breath caught on a summer breeze ? Sister of Artemis, and Guardian of the Gateway between the Known and the Unknown, you prowl the Night, bearing witness to the … Lees verder Black panther

Sunshine blogger award

Wat een leuke award ! Bedankt Esther om mij voor de Sunshine blogger award te nomineren. De Sunshine blogger award wordt aan bloggers gegeven wiens blogs inspirerend, positief of creatief zijn…Phuro! Be inspired! is heel blij er ééntje in ontvangst te mogen nemen van Esther ! Ik ben enorm gevleid en vind dit echt de kers op de taart, de nominatie zelf is een beloning … Lees verder Sunshine blogger award


“Pharug”- You might have thought what this term is. Search for it, and I am of the opinion that you won’t get the answer. Its because it is me, who coined this word by joining two words- Pharma and Drugs. Read more : Pharug. Thank you Krafting Thoughts for another great blog contribution regarding mental health issues ! If you like to spread awareness for our cause, have … Lees verder Pharug

Breathe Motherf*cker !

“Power is within us all. Anything can be overcome by going within. Recognizing that is great, and great for all.” Wim Hof Whoever has done mindfulness, yoga, meditation or heart coherence exercices knows that instructors and teachers ask to focus on the breath to access that calm, peaceful state and to relax mind and body ! I personnaly use Heartmath’s Emwave pro at home, I already tested it with several adults … Lees verder Breathe Motherf*cker !