Who lives in your head ?

I recently saw an episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and his friends were about to play a bowling tournament. Suddenly Sheldon found himself standing face to face with his enemy Wil Wheaton, a guy he really dislikes because he has beaten him at a card game several years ago.

While Wil doesn’t care what Sheldon thinks of him, Sheldon still struggles with feelings of resentment, irritation and hate !

Wil Wheaton : You’re not still carrying a grudge because I beat you at this card tournament, are you ?

Sheldon Cooper : I’m the proud owner of wilwheatonstinks.com, .net and .org. What does that tell you?

Wil Wheaton : It tells me that i am living rent-free right here. (Points at Sheldon’s head)



Bang ! Big bang !

I started wondering : “Who is still living in MY head ?” “Who is living there rent-free ?” “Whom should I have refused entrance to a long time ago ?” “Who do I still allow running around in my mind, disturbing my inner peace, controlling my emotions ?”

Sometimes you replay several times in your head what has happened in the past and you start reliving the pain or the suffering that the person caused you. Perhaps you even start crying again or get angry when you think about it. And then the doubts creep in and you start blaming yourself : “I should have done this or I should have said that !”

Next time your mind wanders to a person or an event from the past that still triggers you emotionally, try to play another scenario in your head. Let go of the old condition and create a new scenario that brings you peace !

Let all this bottled up, unexpressed anger out of your system and state : “Stop ! I do not allow you to to cause havoc in my house !” (Seek help from a counselor or person you trust when these emotions are related to traumatic events, these people can assist you and provide a safe environment that allows you to relive the experience.)

All our emotions and thoughts are energy. We often place our focus and our intentions on things that do not feel good, but all they do is disrupt our sense of well-being, they bring our energy level down. When they are clogged long and deep enough they even cause disease in our bodies !

The only one who is holding the reins is you ! Why not go the direction that makes you feel good ? If negative feelings are suddenly bubbling up, do not feel guilty about how you feel but see it as an opportunity to refocus, to set your intentions straight, to choose experiences that are in alignement with your true self.

When your home is no longer disturbed by the hooligans from your past, you will have created enough space to allow the good into your life!

Phuro! Be inspired!



Auteur: Wiena

Be inspired ! Wiena Robert, mental coach & life coach, Belgium. Topics : Mental strength, emotional detachment, personal growth & transformation, spiritual development & awakening. Website EN : www.phuro.be Op de site BALANS IN SPORT EN LEVEN sta ik jullie als mental coach & life coach met raad en daad bij en werken we aan jullie mentale kracht, emotionele weerbaarheid en persoonlijke groei ! Jullie vinden er heel wat interessante artikels, tips en weetjes, checklisten en dossiers terug. Website NL : https://balansinsportenleven.wordpress.com

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