The power of true prayer

“Try me,” Said The Lord of hosts, “and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessings there will not be room to receive it.”

Malachi 3: 10

When we pray, we usually ask God for help. We rely on prayer too often when we are in distress, when we are in trouble. Sometimes it’s our last resort and it becomes a plea : “Please God, why must I go through this ? Please make everything better ! I cannot take it anymore, I need your help !”

Afterwards we are disappointed in God or perhaps even angry when the damage is done or when our wishes didn’t come true! We turn away from God, from prayer, from our faith in God’s power !

God isn’t laughing in his fist high in the sky at your misfortune, trauma, poverty or disease. God is in you and in all things created. “He is waiting for your return”, means he is waiting for you to make another choice. From the “dark side”, your negative thoughts and “demons” to the “light”, your positive thoughts and feelings !

Do you want to know the power of true prayer, the prayer that is always heard and answered ? For this kind of prayer you do not need words, the true power of prayer comes from your heart. It requires your feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love to feel as if the prayer has already been answered.

One of my favorite authors, Gregg Braden wrote in his book “The Lost Prayer”: “The elders know the power of true prayer, if they need rain, they pray rain, they do not pray for rain ! They focus on the feeling that rain gives them ! How does the rain feel on their bodies ? How does it feel to walk in wet grass with bare feet ? What do they smell ? How brilliant to see all the flowers and plants florishing again when rain has fallen ! ”

Ditto for the Buddhist monks who spend their days chanting prayers and singing, reciting mantras, under the sound of bells, gongs and singing bowls. The abbot of the monastery told Braden that prayer is invisible, “What you see is what they do to generate the feeling in their body. Feeling is prayer !”

That’s what all the ancient writings, all the sages and prophets are trying to tell us. Prayer is our communication with the universe and follows the laws of the universe. If your desire or wish is produced in true form it will be fulfilled.

“Ultimately, there are no dialogues in the world; it is a divine monologue, for in reality there are not two, but only the single reality in its appearance as many. The true prayer has the power to wake you up from the phenomenal waking state into timeless Awareness, a space where seeing, being and the ultimate are one.”


“Whatever you desire, when you pray, know that you will receive”. If we fully trust that what we have asked for is already ours, then we know that we are working in accordance with the universal law. When the desire is fulfilled then, we know that the law is fulfilled. When we see that the desire is not fulfilled, we must realize that the fault lies with us and not with God !

To get in alignement with what you desire, you have to drop your fears and leave all prejudices behind, have faith and don’t doubt your statements. Become one with the seed that you have planted in your mind, feel it is yours, feel that you already have what you desire and hold on to your ideal, even though the whole world seems against you !

There is no limit to God’s power, anything is possible ! I AM, your awareness, is master. You are master of all that you ever will be aware of BEing, you are responsable for all that you ever will vibrate into being.

We say, “I am” hundreds of times a day and we don’t know we are using the name of God. We pay no attention to what we say following “I AM.” Whenever I say “I AM”, I AM is creating something.  When I say, “I am,” I am attaching my awareness of being to something. We must watch every thought that contains I Am. If you are observant, you will see that you have created every circumstance and experience of your life. Begin to monitor every word I AM that you say. Do you see a pattern? Have you been misusing the creative power that is God (I AM) ? Neville

Praying is believing that we have already received that which we ask. Let the how, when and where to the universe, your job is to get into atonement with your heart’s true desire and to not let adverse thoughts and feelings sneak into your prayers. Let the good seeds grow ! And if you still want to use words in your prayer, make them positive !

That is the true meaning of the words : “If you believe you will see God’s glory !”

Phuro! Be inspired!

Inspiring authors : Neville Goddard, Charles Fillmore, Baird T Spalding, Gregg Braden



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