Unspoken understanding

To keep you enslaved as an idiot, unaware of most everything, there are only a few concepts in which you must believe. One is that the outside world is separate from consciousness.

You must believe that what happens out there has nothing to do with you. You must believe that you are a small being in a large universe. As you will find out on this journey, this is not true.

Your body and the world are within you, not the other way around. Hard to grasp? Hard to believe? An analogy might help: when you dream at night, you think you are observing a dreamscape separate from you. “I am here, and there is the landscape of my dream.”

But when you wake in the morning, you suddenly realize that the whole thing, the dream and all of its characters and events, were a part of your psyche, taking place within you.

The same thing applies to waking life. You think, “I am here, and out there is the world,” but once you awaken to a higher reality, you realize that “out there” is a part of your consciousness and it was created by you.

Frederick E. Dodson (Parallel Universes of Infinite Self)



XXYYXX – DMT over UNSPOKEN UNDERSTANDING directed by John Filipe http://www.JohnFilipe.com


Auteur: Wiena

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