Be like a flower !

“The flowers are speaking to us; they are saying, ‘You can only open hearts and souls by spreading light and warmth.’ But who understands them?” Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov If you approach the sun consciously, wishing to become like it, you will eventually receive something of its life, its warmth and its light. And if you want friends, well, you should also know that the sun will … Lees verder Be like a flower !

No strings attached

When someone has a request or asks you a question, you can feel whether they are trying to control you, pulling you in a certain direction or whether they are leaving you free to decide what to do. Someone can make you an offer and say : “No strings attached”. If there are no strings attached to an offer or an arrangement, there is nothing that is unpleasant that you have to accept. You don’t … Lees verder No strings attached

Who lives in your head ?

I recently saw an episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and his friends were about to play a bowling tournament. Suddenly Sheldon found himself standing face to face with his enemy Wil Wheaton, a guy he really dislikes because he has beaten him at a card game several years ago. While Wil doesn’t care what Sheldon thinks of him, Sheldon still struggles with … Lees verder Who lives in your head ?