Ask why ?

“The more you educate yourself the more you understand where things come from the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Jordan Maxwell

I believe we all know what healthy choices are but looking at our cart when we go shopping, we still find them packed with the opposite things.

Ask yourself some questions : Did our grandparents have food allergies when they were young ? How many children had ADHD/ADD ? How many were on antidepressants or painkillers ? Who had autism, asperger or any kind of other severe neurological disorder ? How many adults were depressed or burned-out ? How many of them took more than 20 pills a day ? When people felt sick, what kind of advice did their doctor give ? This list of questions can go on endlessly…

Today you are an influencer when you are able to reach a big audience to promote or sell someone’s products. I believe an influencer is :

Someone who draws our attention on the pitfalls of society,

Someone who does his own research not only to gain knowledge for himself but to share it with other people,

Someone who provides sustainable solutions for humanity,

Someone who never consents to something that feels bad,

Someone who never stops asking questions, never stops asking why !

In whatever profession you find yourself in, whether healthcare, politics, finances, education, religion,… think your own thoughts and speak out loud when they try to sell you another lie !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Auteur: Wiena

Be inspired ! Wiena Robert, mental coach & life coach, Belgium. Topics : Mental strength, emotional detachment, personal growth & transformation, spiritual development & awakening. Website EN : Op de site BALANS IN SPORT EN LEVEN sta ik jullie als mental coach & life coach met raad en daad bij en werken we aan jullie mentale kracht, emotionele weerbaarheid en persoonlijke groei ! Jullie vinden er heel wat interessante artikels, tips en weetjes, checklisten en dossiers terug. Website NL :

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