“Are you back to your old self again ?”

“Are you back to your old self again ?” “No, I’ve put off that old one and became a new version of me!”

Are you back to your old self again ? Isn’t that a question we’ve all heard in our lives after we felt struck by disease, sickness, bad luck, loss ?

Many believe that every hardship passes with time but weren’t we just letting go of the old condition at a certain moment of time ? Didn’t we recreate ourselves anew ?

In ancient mythology the snake is the symbol for wisdom, renewal and transformation. because it has the ability to shed its skin. When we “transform” isn’t it that we shed our skins or “put off the old man” ? Neville Goddard says : “You cannot take with you into the new consciousness any part of the old man, that means you have to die to the old self, the concept that you had of yourself”.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

What if your present beliefs, fears and limitations were weights that bind you to your present level of consciousness ? To change this you would have to take your attention away from them and transcend to a new level of consciousness, representative for your new concept. You would have to leave behind all that is now your present self or conception of yourself.


We do not see things as they are, we see things as WE are. The input dictates the outcome. We program ourselves by our thinking. Find thoughts and words that work for you. Words and thoughts that work are words that you can speak naturally, without resistance, and with real FEELING. Repeat and speak them until they become second nature, read them until they override everthing else in your consciousness !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Auteur: Wiena

Be inspired ! Wiena Robert, mental coach & life coach, Belgium. Topics : Mental strength, emotional detachment, personal growth & transformation, spiritual development & awakening. Website EN : www.phuro.be Op de site BALANS IN SPORT EN LEVEN sta ik jullie als mental coach & life coach met raad en daad bij en werken we aan jullie mentale kracht, emotionele weerbaarheid en persoonlijke groei ! Jullie vinden er heel wat interessante artikels, tips en weetjes, checklisten en dossiers terug. Website NL : https://balansinsportenleven.wordpress.com

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