Spirit rules matter

“Man is a creature of love. What has been created in love, can only live in love.” Bruno Gröning The teaching of Bruno Gröning is based on the influence that spiritual forces have on human beings. This influence is greater than most people realise. Bruno Gröning compared a person to a battery. In daily life, everyone burns up energy. However, often not enough new life … Lees verder Spirit rules matter

Never say can’t

“If thoughts can corrupt language, language can also corrupt thoughts.” George Orwell Did all our misconceptions and limitations start with language ? Is language a method of manipulation ? Watch this inspiring video and decide for yourself !!!     “Our world is made deadly by leaders, propagated fears, and resulting choices made by hoodwinked people. From the English language we speak, and the words … Lees verder Never say can’t

Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?

Who hasn’t watched a show of “The Dog whisperer” and sincerely asked himself “How is Cesar doing all that stuff with dogs ?” It looks so easy for him ! While it seems he is constantly working on trying to change the dog’s behaviour and to rehabilitate the animal, what he primarily does is reeducating the human parents showing how they can alter their state … Lees verder Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?

Behind every great woman…

“Behind every great man, there is a great woman.” Even if you are not married, or not currently in any romantic or intimate relationship, don’t think this message isn’t for you. Keep reading because…there are certainly other people who you can turn to for support, help, guidance when you need it. What about a good friend to share your dreams with, a sister or brother … Lees verder Behind every great woman…

The instrument of God #144,000

Can we change earth’s vibration ? “The number 144,000 is very significant for shifting the planet. When 144,000 people are gathering together with the same intent, a new vibration is created that can change the vibration of the entire planet. If you could bring in the vibration of 144,000 people’s consciousness you would shift. The number is important because of its frequency.  It is also … Lees verder The instrument of God #144,000

The knots in our heads

Knots form in the mind. Knots are “internal formations,” problems our minds circulate around in the absence of clear understanding. Thich Nhat Hahn talks about such knots in his book “Peace Is Every Step”. “Our internal formations are always looking for ways to manifest as destructive images, feelings, thoughts, words or behavior.” They need our full attention as soon as they manifest, while they are … Lees verder The knots in our heads

Mentale kracht

Zet er jouw tanden in ! Niet letterlijk natuurlijk zoals Suarez ! We hebben het over “vasthoudend” zijn, niet snel opgeven ! Het betekent nog meer : je bent volledig geconcentreerd. je bent gefocust en je laat niet meer los, je houdt jouw doel voor ogen, vastberaden om te winnen of te slagen. Je laat jou niet misleiden door wat er rondom jou gebeurt. Al breekt … Lees verder Mentale kracht

Focus on what matters

Do not focus on illnesses, worries or problems. Say to yourself : “I distance myself from this negativity and am not focussing on it anymore.” Bruno Gröning Don’t identify with your problems, illnesses, or worries. Forget about identifying with limiting conditions and stop putting disgraceful names after “I AM”. I am depressed, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am unlucky,… Your thoughts and words do … Lees verder Focus on what matters

Van kwetsbaar naar weerbaar

Pestgedrag kan zich op allerlei manieren uiten (fysisch, verbaal, emotioneel, cyberaanval) en kan om allerlei redenen gebeuren (rascistisch, sexueel, homofobisch,…). Het is meestal gericht op “zwakkeren” of buitenbeentjes die een easy target lijken : intellectuelen, nerds, mensen met een handicap, autisme, hsp,… Pestkoppen hebben hun targets nodig omdat ze een slachtoffer nodig hebben om zichzelf beter te voelen. Ze richten hun focus of agressie altijd op … Lees verder Van kwetsbaar naar weerbaar