No past, no future…

Scott Morrison wrote in one of his books this short piece he called “The Whole Teaching.” It sums up everything he taught about spiritual awakening, liberation and transformation.

No past. No future.

There is no past. the past is a mental picture, constantly edited by us.There is no future.There are only thoughts in the present about things that have not happened yet. We project our thoughts to future events. Again it is a mental picture.

Open mind. Open heart.

We don’t view things as they are because we are putting judgement on everything. Quit putting conditions on yourself, people and things. Love unconditionally Quiet your mind, open your heart and calm your body. Allow things to unfold naturally.

Complete attention, no reservations.

Become fully attentive in the moment. Be here now in stillness. Remain present ! Practise mindfulness.

That’s all.

Phuro! Be inspired!

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