Reverse engineering !

Do you need help to solve a problem ? Here’s Deadpool with some coaching tips !


Start at the finish !!!

Reverse engineering is a popular tool amongst marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, sportsmen,…They all claim it is a fast and efficient way to get their desired results or success !

To finish what you’ve started, start at the finish ! Here is a small Reverse engineering guide !


The most important thing to start with is envisioning your end result very cleary and precisely, the more detailed the better !

You don’t start with a problem or negative statement about yourself or your team, but you focus on the solution, you think positive and in the now ! Focus your attention on what you want, not on what you DO NOT want !

Ask yourself how it would be if you already had accomplished your goal ? How would you feel, what would it get you specifically, how would people react ?  Can you imagine this ? Are you familiar with the green screens the movie world uses to project their scenes on ? It is the same for your imagination ; you start with an empty screen where you can project any image on !


Now it is time for a thorough investigation or research. What do you need to get you to your goal ? Write down anything you can think of. Spit out all your ideas !

If you are working in a group, let everyone do their talk, even it sounds ridiculous. Give everyone an honest chance to express their ideas. Do not stress on your differences, you have a common goal to achieve !


Now you can start to align yourself, your group, or team with the common goal. Is everyone okay with a certain kind of course, decision, or task ? Make sure everyone has been heard and feels engaged in the project and process !

Tip : follow people or organisations who inspire you, who you can turn to for professional advice or tips !


Believe you can do it, believe in yourself and in you strongest qualities and capacities, the ones you know you master fully. Also know your weak points ! Do you have doubts about yourself ? Ask some friends or relatives who know you well (5 persons will do) what your strongest qualities are. You’ll be amazed about their answers !


Check if there are other things you can do that can help close the gap between you and your goal. Are there places to visit, persons to talk to, things you can borrow or buy that get you closer to the thing that you want ? Are there people willing to help you, people who you trust ?

Is your goal realisable in  a specific time, have you adjusted your goal, did you take little steps towards your goal or are you impatient ? When you divide your goal in small steps, the end result won’t look that intimidating or doesn’t feel unachievable.


Are you feeling off track, do you sense your goal is still far away ? Are you feeling frustrated ? You can still recalibrate yourself or reprogram yourself. Just go back to step 1 (yes your vision !) and ask yourself what is holding you back.

Is the end goal still what you really want ? Are you still willing to go all the way ? Are you and your team members still aligned, focused on the same goal ?

If the end result is near and you have a good feeling about it, well done ! Everything goes smoothly and you are prepared to go the extra mile if needed !

That brings us to step 7


Doing new things, experiencing something new makes you grow. Have a try out, do an extra training on your own to improve your unique qualities ! Step out of your comfort zone !

Don’t let yourself be misguided by failure or loss. See it as feedback for what has worked or what hasn’t and just start over if it wasn’t a success the first time. Excellence needs practise ! Even if you are already talented. Put in all you have, work hard ! You are almost there !



You have squared the circle, the good result is there : your goal has been achieved. You have reason to celebrate and to be proud of your accomplishment. If you are working with a team, share your good feelings with each other and take time for debriefing !

Congratulations !

You have learned to reverse engineer yourself or your team ! From now on you can use this little template at home, at school, in sports for anything you desire to achieve ! You have completed a full coaching process ! Time for a recap !

STEP 1                    C             CONCRETE TARGET : you start with the end result. Your vision !

STEP 2                    O             ORGANISE/RESEARCH : What’s the plan ! What do you need ?

STEP 3                    A             ALIGN OR ADJUST : you align or adjust yourself or team !

STEP 4                    C             CAPACITIES : you know your strenghts and weaknesses !

STEP 5                    H             HELP  : Use a helpline ! your goal is divided in small steps !

STEP 6                    I               INSIGHTS : Selfreflection : am I close, far or off target ?

STEP 7                    N             NEW EXPERIENCES  : You are doing new things, you improve !

STEP 8                    G             GOAL ACHIEVED/GOOD RESULT : Be proud & celebrate !

Phuro! Be inspired!





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