Find the warrior within

In february 2013 Conor McGregor was collecting social wellfare in Dublin, he didn’t have a car or even a pot to piss in, all he had left were some blueberries to eat ! Six months later he would turn out to be one of the greatest champions in the UFC ! From nothing, to something, to everything ! How the law of attraction works according to Conor mcGregror aka “The Notorious”…

“My success isn’t a result of arrogance, it is a result of belief”

The Notorious


McGregor on visualization :

“It’s easy to visualize  good things to happen, when everything goes well, it’s not that easy when everything goes bad and you still have to visualize the good stuff and I feel I was able to do that. Even though I had troubles at home and I didn’t have a job, I was still able to feel like it was, that I already had all these good things ! Like a kid would use its imagination, I was basically using my imagination, when I was on the road, in traffic, I would visualize myself in a brand new car, I would see myself on stage ! I have been seeing myself as the champion the moment I arrived here (UFC). I have visualized my succes, my dreams and you know what ? All of it has come true!”


McGregor on gratitude :

I was always thinking about how it would feel like to give to the people who gave everything to me, my parents and my family. It’s amazing how easy dreams can become a reality when you are positive and make a conscious effort to appreciate your surroundings, to have no bitterness and negativity !


Mcgregor on belief :

I had to believe in it, feel it and have faith in it for it to happen ! All that matters is how you see yourself ! If you see yourself as the king, no matter what someone else says, as long as you see that and really believe that, that is going to happen ! Who says he can see what you can see ? No one else can do that for you : I saw myself as the champion, I kept that in my head, 24/7. I already have visualized for myself what’s ahead of me, I can see everything. You need to tell yourself if you are going to win or lose. There is no real opponent, it is against yourself that you are fighting, you have to beat yourself, and I believe in myself so much that nothing is going to stop me ! You have to be insane to the craft, like nothing else exists, i do not pay attention to anything else. I am insane to it !

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If you can see it, and you have the courage enough to speak it, it wil happen, I see these shots, I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them. I dreamed this so much, so cleary, so precisely, so frequently that it has manifested itself in reality, it is a dream come true.


Find the warrior inside ! Phuro! Be inspired!


Auteur: Wiena

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